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K’s Birth Story

I guess the story begins at 9am on 7th April when I went into the hospital for an induction via a Pessary. By this time I was just under two weeks late. I had already been seen by a midwife the week before for a sweep, but apparently my cervix was too high and she

How Much???

Have you found that when buying necessities for your little one that it seems that the companies and shops are just out to screw you for money? They do, because they can! I, however, have decided to take a stand and bleed these companies dry of any savings they’re offering. I’m not an overly tight


We made it!! I am OFFICIALLY in my third trimester with approximately 3 months to go until the due date, 3 months until Beansprout makes their arrival. It really isn’t that long now (and breath) and I know time will probably fly, the last 3 months sure have! At the moment, I’m currently content with