Days Out: Go Ape, Tilgate Park, Crawley (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

When was the last time you did something for yourself whilst also taking on one of your biggest fears? No. I’m not talking about the under-stair cupboard or the bathroom. I’m talking about doing something REALLY exciting and adventurous. Something you’ve never dreamt of doing. For me and Sharon, we did exactly this last weekend at Go Ape, Crawley.

Although I’ve done abseiling before, and Sharon a number of aerial slides in her time, neither of us have ever done a Go Ape course before – although we’d heard lots about it! Located in the midst of the gorgeous Tilgate Park, West Sussex – half an hour away from Brighton – it’s one of over 30 locations across the country.

When we’ve talked about Go Ape before or heard that friends had done it, it always sounded like fun. But there was always something that put us off. Whether it was our fitness or the fact that it was COMPLETELY out of our comfort range. It’s not so much the height that we were apprehensive about, it’s the falling that made us wuss out!

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Days Out: Petworth House, West Sussex {National Trust}

Last year, we managed to squeeze in one last National Trust visit for the year and decided to visit Petworth for the first time.

A little bit further than our usual locations, although still only 30-45 minutes away from Brighton, we arrived on a rather rainy day. But seeing as we’re no fair-weather parents, we put our wellies and parkas on and went exploring. You’d be surprised how lovely some locations can be; even in the winter. Plus! They’re often a lot quieter too!

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Days Out: Washbrook Farm, Hurstpierpoint

Last week, I took T to Washbrook Farm in Hurstpierpoint. It’s a new one for us as I only recently found out about it and seeing we seem to have a strange addiction to farms I decided to give it a visit.

It’s not the cheapest of farms I must admit, although T is still free as he’s under 3. Once he turns 3  though he is £6.50 and an adult is £7.50. When we went it only cost me £7.50 but if me and Sharon were to go it would cost us a hefty £15 for the day. Unless this is the going rate now (which means I’ve been incredibly lucky as most farms cost me £5), I found this to be a little steep. That being said, I soon found that the facilities such as toilets and picnic areas were decent, as well as the play equipment.

Anyway, located just down the road, about a 20 minute drive from Brighton via the A23, Washbrook Farm is your typical farm with various play areas, farm animals (duh!) and a cafe. There’s also a soft play on site with a ‘Barn Yard’ attached which is home to tons of ride on tractors and pedal toys.

We visited on quite a chilly day, which was actually a bonus as it was really quiet! We almost had the farm to ourselves at one point. When we arrived, we put on our wellies, hats and raincoats, and began our tour!

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Days Out: Southwater Country Park, Horsham

Last week, I had a rare Friday off and decided to venture somewhere new and visit Southwater Country Park in Horsham, West Sussex. Living in East Sussex, I don’t usually visit West Sussex as a) I prefer East Sussex (oooo! Controversial!) and b) I don’t know much about what’s around so I often just stick to where we all know and enjoy.

But after a quick Google and some recommendations I decided to go with Southwater Country Park. According to the website, it wasn’t that far from me (approx. 30 minutes) and was free to enter – so I was sold!

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Days Out – Bodiam Castle, West Sussex {National Trust}

Last weekend was one of the first weekends in a while where we had no plans. No DIY. No family visits. Nothing. We actually woke and asked “what shall we do today?”. It was glorious.

As the weather wasn’t too bad (and by that I mean dry) we decided to go to Bodiam Castle as it was part of our national trust membership.


Bodiam Castle is based in Robertsbridge and is a 14th century castle. Built in 1385 it housed the Lewknor family (via marriage) whilst England were at war with the French.

It’s also one of the very few castles that still house a working moat!

As we arrived we found that a tour was about to begin, so we decided to follow that and then explore the grounds after.

The tour was fascinating as it followed   the lives of the workers of the castle. Our tour guide was hilarious and really got the children involved. We really enjoyed it.

After the tour, we then explored the remainder of the castle and its grounds.

The views from the top of the towers are amazing, although on the day we went it was rather windy. I highly recommend wearing hats with ties – we almost lost ours!


Although the castle was smaller than we expected, we still spent a few hours here exploring the different rooms (including the tea rooms!) and enjoying the company of the hundreds of ducks that have taken residence here.

I’d recommend paying Bodiam Castle a visit if you’re in the area. Although the castle isn’t particularly buggy friendly, so wearing your babies is probably the better option, the grounds are expansive and we saw several babies having fun toddling and chasing ducks.

During certain months throughout the year we read that there are also special events at the castle; including the firing of the canons, so we’ll definitely be revisiting.

What did you get up to at the weekend? Have you been the Bodiam Castle?