K's Birth Story -


Thank you for sharing! I’m completing in tears. What a beautiful birth story (despite the very frustrating beginning – TWO WEEKS?? ughhhh!) I’m surprised they weren’t more panicked when they heard you felt the poop pressure. That was exactly how I felt moments before they decided I was ready to push. Something about the baby’s had being dropped low into the pelvis. So happy for you abs that your actual delivery experience seems like it went so well! Xx

Now that sounds like a birth story to aspire to! (I know, 2 weeks over – but no pacing around a labour room for days and pushing for hours!!) Congratulations 🙂

latasia24 says:

Beautiful birth story!! Congrats!

Holy smokes! Clearly you knew your body better than the medical staff. Well done!

Rachael says:

Wow. What an awesome birth story! Congratulations, your son is precious!

pepibebe says:

Amazing story!!

icegemz says:

Incredible! It’s interesting to see the difference between hospitals, I was induced and weren’t allowed to leave the maternity unit. Also had to do a whole week in hospital as bambino had an infection and I was a complete mess! (If you get a minute, check out my birth story… In two parts! It was a long one!)
You look amazing post-birth, how did you do it?! X

lesbemums says:

Other people have said that as well and to be honest I didn’t think I’d go home – I guess they didn’t expect to work. Lol.

I’ll definitely have a read – sounds hectic!

icegemz says:

One born every minute it isn’t! Lol!
But the end result is beautiful babies, so always worth it! X

Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

Aww lovely! I didn’t realise he had such a dramatic arrival. I love that first photo of you both together!

lesbemums says:

Thanks, lovely. I look completely out of it! Lol.

Amazing birth story and congratulations again to you both! Definitely had a little cry (happy tears!) reading this. Can’t wait for these moments!

My Two Mums says:

I got goosebumps reading this. Crazy that it was already a year ago. It flies doesn’t it.

Kate Everall says:

Thank you! I reread this as well and couldn’t believe how quickly things happened.
I’m still in disbelief as to where this year has gone!

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