An Afternoon with Bex Photo [AD – Gift]

An Afternoon with Bex Photo [AD – Gift]

Last month, our talented friend Bex (aka Bex Photo) came round our house for the afternoon to take some family photos. It was something that we’ve been trying to arrange for over two years but, y’know, COVID. As strange as it sounds, when Bex asked whether she could do a family photo shoot we jumped

Games night! Our Favourite Family Games (Ages 4+)

We’ve always enjoyed playing family games, even before T was born. On holiday Sharon and I would take a few games with us to enjoy of an evening, and when friends come round we often get the games out after dinner. When T then came along it was, therefore, natural for us to start shopping

A Day in the Life Photoshoot

Even before T was born I enjoyed taking photos. Whether it was photos of local landscapes, my wife, our dog. I enjoyed capturing moments so the I could cherish them and look back on them in years to come. I often tried to get in on the picture too, but I quickly noticed that this

Goodbye, Grandad: A Story about a Rocket to the Moon.

There’s never an easy way to talk about the loss of a loved one. It never feels like the right time. But when is the right time? You feel like you’re cheating yourself and deceiving others by not talking about it, but when you do you’re lost for words. Time certainly wasn’t on our side

Winter Walks

At the start of a new season, I always tell myself that the season we’re in is my favourite season. In the spring, it’s the blossom on the trees and the freshness in the air, in the summer it’s the warmth on my skin, BBQ’s, and the smell of sun tan lotion, in the autumn

LGBT History Month – Featured Families: Hound Mamas

As part of LGBT History month I asked several rainbow families whether they would be happy to talk to me about being a same sex family and what LGBT history has done for them. In the first of our Featured Families segment I’m letting Molly from Hound Mamas talk to you about her family. I’ve