3 Month Update

T is now 3 months old. 3 MONTHS!!


Time is going way too quickly for my liking, although I’m still very guilty of saying to myself “ooo I can’t wait until T is doing this…”. I’m forever looking for the next milestone that I’m forgetting that I can’t then rewind once the milestone has been reached! I can’t wait until T is sitting up or grabbing toys – we have so many of them – but I’m also enjoying how he’s still small enough to lay on my chest after a feed, or how he doesn’t protest when we lay him down.

Milestones-wise we are in full smile mode, and not a day goes by that we haven’t had genuine smiling and sometimes something that looks like a lead onto a laugh.

T is also self-soothing with his fingers or a whole fist, and often sticks a few digits in his mouth after a feed but before going to sleep.
It’s very cute hearing him suck and slurp away on his porky fingers, but it’s not so cute when said finger is wiped across your face accidentally or after a 30 minute feed when someone doesn’t know how to remove said finger from the back of their throat and throws up the whole feed. Yeah. That.

Speaking of feeding, or certainly thanks to feeding, T is now comfortably fitting 3-6 month clothing. No more newborn or even 0-3 month clothing. Although T is obviously still a baby, he doesn’t feel like a baby-baby. You know?

He’s a big, fudgey baby now and no longer a teeny, tiny baby that can be scooped up and cradled. He has to sit over my shoulder so he can have a look around like the nosey Parker he is. With this, he’s now also awake for longer periods during the day, which is great as it means I get to play with him more.

Because of the longer awake periods, we’re now in a really nice bedtime routine and T is sleeping through from 8:30pm to 6:30am. He’s put himself in that routine and often starts demand feeding from 7:30pm until he falls asleep at 8:30. When he wakes at 6:30am he then has a 30-40 minute feed and is off to sleep until 9:00. Not bad! This gives me a good excuse to sit in bed with a coffee and express/tweet/blog/nap/all of the above.

And finally, and probably my favourite milestone, T has found his voice and is often heard cooing and chatting on the changing mat, in his Moses basket, in the pram, in the car, or when he’s just being carried around the house. It’s adorable and I find myself copying the noises or pretending we’re having an intellectual conversation about the economy. I’ve also been known to tell family members off if they haven’t heard the fact that T is talking to them. Cue incessant babbling from nanas, aunties, and uncles.

I’m loving this stage at the moment, and not just because T is only pooping once a week, but because he’s really interacting. He smiles and chats to most people and is quite happy being left looking at the fish tank or by the window. He’s a genuinely lovely little boy and I am so proud of his developments and achievements. I couldn’t be happier right now.


10 thoughts on “3 Month Update

  1. Hayley says:

    Aw, so cute! Can only dream of having such a cutie with my partner (in a few years!). If you can ever bear to be parted, I recommend berlin to you and your partner – took a trip there recently (vlog on my blog) and it’s very progressive and LGBT friendly!

  2. Leanne Cornelius says:

    One poo a week? You are so lucky! We had at least one day, Sunday we had about five, thankfully hubby was on duty that day as I was busy making cakes haha!
    He is doing so well, such a cutie!
    It is so nice when they start cooing, I love when Aria chats away.

    • lesbemums says:

      Yep! Once a week – I think it’s a breastmilk thing. Id rather he didn’t do it like this as it’s an absolute poonami when it strikes. Not great.
      And never when the wife is on duty. lol.
      How old is your little one? It’s great when they’re cooing.

  3. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    He sounds lovely, and a lot like Arlo actually, especially the once a week-wonders! However I am super envious of his ability to sleep through the night, i’m just about getting a 5 to 6 hour stretch from 8pm, but have probably jinxed that now!
    The chatting is just adorable isn’t it!
    So glad you’re getting on well, and thank you for linking up! #WhatmyKidDid

    • lesbemums says:

      Haha! Yes. They’re great aren’t they?

      I’m really not sure what we’re doing to get him to sleep through. It’ll all come crashing down no doubt when he starts teething. You can all point and laugh then when I’m a sobbing mess. Lol.

      Really enjoying the linkies – it’s encouraging me to think outside the box. Hope it’s going well for you. X

  4. Lizbian says:

    cute! After 3 months every day is just a wonder of new development and fun so enjoy it, even though it’s exhausting 🙂 As for the boobs, I hear you. I’m still breastfeeding 15 months in and I WANT THEM BACK!

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