Days Out: Queer Britain, London

Days Out: Queer Britain, London

Last week, I met up with some friends for the day to check out the eagerly anticipated Queer Britain in London. Opening only recently in Spring 2022, Queer Britain is the first space in the UK dedicated to LGBTQ+ History. Since 2018, when the organisers first announced the launch of Queer Britain, plans have been

12+ LGBTQ+ Autobiographies & Memoirs You MUST Read!

When you think of LGBTQ History you probably immediately go back to the Stonewall Riots or the Aids/HIV Pandemic back in the 80’s. In reality, LGBTQ history is still being made some 40 years on. Sometimes on a daily basis. In 2022, we’ve already witnessed the first Trans actress to win a Golden Globe and

12 Iconic LGBTQ+ Moments in History to teach your Children (Plus, Further Resources!).

February is LGBT History Month and I am always excited when I get the opportunity to about our community’s history. Despite popular belief, the LGBTQ community is actually steeped in rich history and iconic moments in time. Dating back centuries, LGBTQ people have been widely documented in places such as Ancient Greece and East Asia,

The Great LGBTQ UK Business Directory!

You may remember in 2019, I created our ultimate list of LGBTQ Bloggers, Influencers and Content Creators. This was in an attempt to diversity people’s social media feeds as well as quash any excuses when it comes to including LGBTQ people in brand campaigns and promotions. I’d lost count how many times I’ve seen a

5 LGBTQ Places to Visit in Brighton!

Brighton is considered the “unofficial” gay capital of the UK, with places like Manchester and London ranking close-by. This is based on the fact that LGBTQ history within Brighton dates back to the 19th Century and because Brighton Pride is still one of the largest attended Pride events around the UK; often attracting six figure

How to React If Someone Comes Out To You

National Coming Out Day is an annual observance celebrated on the 11th October worldwide (where safe to do so!). Originating in 1988 in the US, the idea behind it was to protest against the notion of homophobia¬†thriving in “an atmosphere of silence and ignorance, and that once people know that they have loved ones who