A Weekend in London with YHA [AD – Press Trip]

Ever since I can remember, London has always been an exciting place. I don’t know whether it was because I grew up in the country or whether it was because all the ‘cool’ stuff happened in London, but either way I always had butterflies in my stomach whenever we got on that train to London.

Over the years that feeling has never subdued, if anything it’s only increased now that we have our own little one who get’s excited at the thought of getting on a train let alone a trip to London!

So when then you put a train journey, a trip to London, and then Christmas markets all in one weekend you know it’s going to go down a treat – even more so when you also get the opportunity to stay over!

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London: Winter Wonderland, Zippos Circus, and Mr Men & Little Miss

On the rare occasion we went to London as a child, my fondest memory was always the wonderful window displays in places like Oxford Street and Regent Street at Christmas time. They always looked so grand and somewhat magical. I remember spending a long time mesmerised by the lights and winter animals.

Now that T is of an age where he’s into Christmas and all it’s magic and wonder, we decided to take him to London last weekend to get the Christmas season started with a bang. We had also been invited by the YHA to stay in one of their hostels so we thought we’d take full advantage and take a look at what London had to offer.

I was also interested to see if it still had the same magical feel as it did when I was a child.

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The Vuelio Online Influencer Awards & What It Means for Bloggers Like Us.

Last week we attended the Vuelio Online Influencer Awards in London – a prestigious event for the blogging and ‘Influencer’ industry; recognising those who are leading by example. This was my second time attending the event, and Sharon’s first, however this year it was a whole new experience as we were nominated for an award.

The Best UK LGBT+ Blog Award. 

Being nominated was a shock in itself as there are now dozens of LGBT+ bloggers (in comparison to a few years ago) or ‘Instagrammers’, sharing their experiences and lives on their blog or grid. Plus, looking at the caliber of queer content creators that now exist, there was no way I would ever have imagined being nominated for an award if you were to ask me.

Let alone win.

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Monster Splat [AD- Review]

With family game nights being a firm favourite when it comes to things we like doing of an evening, it’s becoming a challenge to find new games to play. Don’t get me wrong, there are several games that we play time and time again, or ones that are always at the top of T’s suggestion list if given the choice. But, sometimes, we don’t fancy playing tumbling monkeys four times in a row.

This month, we were sent Monster Splat to play with, a game by Ravensburger that requires a little bit of coordination and skill, but is a lot of fun at the same time!

Please note: At the end of this post is an affiliate link, meaning I get a few pennies if you purchase the game via my link.

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So, You Want To Make a Baby via At-Home Insemination?

Making a baby as a lesbian couple is a minefield. There are no ‘early nights’ when it comes to trying, and sperm comes at a premium. Every couple will have their own hurdles, whether it’s money or who wants to conceive, but either way, it’s important that you educate yourself on this incredibly important journey you’re about to embark on.

When we first started trying over five years ago, the community we have today didn’t exist. A lot of the couples we followed either conceived or were conceiving via IUI or IVF, or they had travelled abroad, and whilst they’re all viable options when wanting to conceive, if you’re anything like us – where your funds are limited – it in turn lowers your chances of ever having a baby.

Even Lesbian magazines didn’t really discuss options outside of (expensive) fertility treatments! What we wanted was inclusive conception options, but all we found was exclusion!

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Rainbow Family Cards by Love Outside Lines [Gift]

For those of you who do not know much about my backstory, you probably didn’t know that from the age of ten I was raised by two mums after my mum came out as a lesbian a few years after my father passed away.

This meant that at Christmas and Mothers’ Day my sister and I had the difficult task of finding cards that represented our family unit. What we wanted was a card that said ‘Merry Christmas to our Mums’ or ‘Happy Mothers’ Day’ (with the apostrophe in the located we wanted it!) but in the end we would simply have to get two separate ‘Mum’ cards, as we didn’t feel happy simply getting ‘To Mum and her Partner’ or ‘… To Our Step-Mum’.

It’s only now, several years later, that the likes of Hallmark have embraced rainbow families and have (albeit slowly) introduced ‘Mrs & Mrs’ wedding cards, but we’re probably a long way off before we see ‘Merry Christmas to my Nanas’ on the high street, although I did recently see a ‘To My Daughter and her Girlfriend’ card once!

Therefore, in episode 698 of ‘Things Straight People Take for Granted’ I give you a new range of cards by ‘Love Outside Lines‘ the online store by everyone’s favourite LGBTQ family Instagram feed; Same Sex Parents:

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