Camping: Camp Bestival 2018 – In Pictures

I can’t believe it’s already been three weeks since we attended Camp Bestival. Despite the poor weather and cancellations half way through, we still had a good time and when we returned I still suffered with the post-camping blues.

Whilst we love our home comforts, I adore being outside and thoroughly enjoy camping. I love having naughty foods under the title of ‘convenience’ and I love watching T become a bit feral during our stay. Things are made a lot simpler when we’re camping and I can’t wait until next year.

If you haven’t had enough of our Camp Bestival spam, here are our final images that we haven’t yet shared, and if you fancy giving Camp Bestival a go next year, details are at the bottom of this post!


As Official Camp Bestival Crew we receive our tickets in exchange for promotion and coverage during the festival.

2019 TICKET INFO (Early bird prices)

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Call Ticketline: 0844 844 0444

(All weekend tickets include camping from Thursday)

Adult Weekend Ticket – £160*
Student Weekend Ticket – £155*
Age 13 to 17 Weekend Ticket – £101*
Age 10 to 12 Weekend Ticket – £80*
Age 5 to 9 Weekend Ticket – £27.50*
Age 4 & Under Weekend Ticket – £9*
Babes In Arms (1 & Under) – FREE (but ticket required)*
*Please refer to the Camp Bestival Ticket Terms & Conditions via

*Camping Plus, Boutique, Backstage and Hospitality tickets are also available.

Car Parking – £20 in advanced

Campervan Ticket (Field A) – £63.50
Please read Campervan T&Cs here before bookingCaravan

Trailer Tent Ticket (Field A) – £73.50
 Please read Caravan / Trailer Tent T&Cs here before booking 

Festival Programme Pack – £10
(reserve your festival programme pack to collect on site at the festival)


A limited number of Day Tickets will be released nearer to the festival.


T’s Reads: What Does a Princess Really Look Like? by Mark Loewen

As two mums raising a son, it’s imperative to us that he grows up knowing that women are equal to men. You could say that we’re raising a little feminist. Therefore, this needs to be reflected early on, whether it’s in the games that we play, the films we watch, and the books we read. I want this to be his normality.

Many years ago, however, things weren’t like this. Girls were treated very differently and certainly weren’t encouraged to do ‘boys’ things. Girl’s aspirations were based around beauty and pretty things. Although my mum raised my sister and I away from this, it was hard when the TV you watched said otherwise.

Going on what the TV said, I certainly was not a Princess.

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The Flipside 200 AWII Camera Bag by LowePro {Review}

When Sharon treated me to a GoPro last year it wasn’t long after that that we started buying accessories for it (not to mention spare parts (and spare parts for the spare parts!)). Over time, we bought accessories that allowed the GoPro to float, get attached to our head, our body, even attach to the dog. It meant we could go have some fun and capture it all along the way.

So far, we’ve recorded our scooting trips, our visit to GoApe, and our holidays. You can see a few of our videos over on our YouTube channel. We really enjoy making videos, although sadly we don’t often get the time to edit them. I have several videos still in my drafts!

A few weeks ago, Joby then added to this collection by sending us some goodies for Camp Bestival. Within the bundle were tripods and clamps, which are brilliant for taking photos on our phone or video on the GroPro, but we now need somewhere safe to keep them. Not to mention somewhere to put them when we want to take them with us when we go out!

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Camping: Camp Bestival 2018 – Highlights

I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since we were at Camp Bestival, mainly because we have only this week finished taking the last few camping bits back up to the loft (give us a break, we had to clean and sweep out the tent!) and the washing pile is now a lot lower!

Thankfully, you don’t have to go far before you get to read about other people’s adventures whilst at Camp Bestival. I’ve loved reading about other experiences, from Karas (Chelsea Mama) to Kirsty and Clara (My Two Mums) to Naomi (Tents & Festivals).

Although we’ve written about our weekend as a whole, I thought I’d share our highlights from the weekend; broken down into three main categories – Entertainment, Music, and Food.

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Travelling with GorillaPod (by Joby) {Review}

As T get’s older, a lot of our memories of him are now captured whilst in motion. Whether T is on his scooter, climbing up ladders and across wooden structures, or simply dancing or making faces, it’s rare that we can get him to stand still these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love how active he is, but once in a while it’d be nice to capture a decent family photo, like this one from Brighton Pride last weekend:

Thankfully, our son is very photogenic, meaning that even in motion his beautiful eyes and his stunning, albeit cheeky, smile can still be captured. But you have no idea how many times my phone has almost fallen out of my hand or our GoPro has been left precariously on the handlebars of one of our scooters.

To tackle this, Joby; makers of the GorillaPod, invited us to test out a few of their products. This was perfect timing as we were about to head off to Camp Bestival and that was certainly somewhere we would be taking a lot of photos and capturing snippets on our GoPro.

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Brighton Pride 2018: Why Pride is still important.

Over the past thirty-something years, I’ve been ‘proud’ of many things. I was proud when I got a few A’s in my GCSE’s (I know, I was surprised, too), I was proud when I passed my driving test, I was proud when I lost a lot of weight whilst trying for a baby, and more recently, I was proud when I conquered my fear of open heights.

Pride isn’t just about being proud of yourself either, you can be proud of your friends, family, and colleagues. Your neighbours, your congregation, your country. Pride has so much power behind it. It can empower people and celebrate a community. There is nothing wrong with being proud, however when used in the wrong way it can blind one’s viewpoint.

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