Days Out: Sea Life Adventure Park, Weymouth, Dorset

On Tuesday, day four of our holiday in Dorset, it was expected to be miserable so we thought we’d visit somewhere that was both an indoor and outdoor attraction – so not the beach – whilst also offering a lot of entertainment, so we thought we’d take T to the Sea Life Adventure Park in Weymouth, just down the right from our holiday park.

The last time we went it was just me and Sharon but we had travelled from Poole on that occasion as we’d heard so many nice things about it, so of course we wanted to take T this time. What’s also great about the location of the Adventure Park is that it’s sat on the edge of Lodmoor Country Park. If the weather was better, and we had some more time, we probably would have liked to explore this a lot more – especially with our scooters!

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Blog On X, Manchester 2018 #BlogOnX

Last weekend, I drove up to Manchester for the annual Blog On blogging conference – which is only my second blogging conference to date. Britmums in 2016 was the last time I went to a conference!

With Britmums being the only conference I had to compare this one too, I was basically going in blind and no idea what to expect – although I’d heard lots of positive things when speaking with other bloggers who have attended Blog On attended previously.

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Days Out: Corfe Castle, Dorset {National Trust}.

Although technically day three of our holiday to Dorset, Monday was our first day where it was just the three of us.

Seeing as we’d just visited Corfe village the previous day, we thought we’d go back the next day, but visit the castle this time. It looked so pretty as the backdrop for the steam train that we had to visit it up close with T.

Sharon and I have actually visited Corfe Castle before, but this didn’t put us off visiting again. It really is a stunning location and with a toddler in tow we’re bound to experience it in a whole new light.

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Days Out: Swanage Railway, Dorset.

It feels like a long time ago that we were starting our holiday at Swanage Railway. What with being rushed back in to the every day, not to mention the weather taking a turn for the worse just as we arrived home, we are no longer in holiday mode.

Arriving on the Friday, we decided to spend that weekend visiting family, so we all thought it would be nice to take a family trip on the trains and visit the Swanage Railway and take a trip to the village of Corfe. Our clan had a variety of ages on board so we had to find something that was fun for all.

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Saying Goodbye to the Family Car!

If you follow us on Twitter or Instagram you’ll see that over the past few months we’ve had quite a few issues with our car. From the windscreen wipers (both front and back) giving up the ghost due to various connection failures or just because they fancied it to issues with coils and spark plugs (don’t you dare ask me to go into detail – I haven’t got a clue).

Basically, over the past few months (I’m going to go with three), she’s cost us in the region of over £700! £700 that we don’t have just lying around (thank the gods for credit cards).

The last time she broke down was when we were on holiday of all occasions. Out of nowhere, my EPC light came on and the majority of my throttle was lost. Thankfully, we were only a few meters from Farmer Palmers which meant I got her into the car park where it was safe and work out what the hell we do. After a phonemail to Sharon’s family and a trip to a recommended garage, everything was checked over and unsupringsly, she was fine with nothing reporting back as a fault. Whoo hoo for our wallet, but my anxiety levels hit a new peak.

I just didn’t feel happy driving her anymore. She wasn’t a pleasure. AND WE STILL HAD TO GET HOME THE NEXT DAY! Cue a very anxious drive home where no one spoke and my heart was pretty much in my throat the whole way home.

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