Days Out: The Watercress Line Steam Railway (Mid Hants Railway)

A few weeks ago, we celebrated Sharon’s father’s birthday with a trip to the railway. It was the first birthday since his passing so we wanted to do something special. Something that we know he would have enjoyed doing.

So far, we’ve been to several Steam Railways and Miniature Railways local to us, and whilst they’re lovely to re-visit, we wanted to go somewhere new in the hope that Sharon’s dad would be with us; exploring it for the first time too.

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A Day in the Life Photoshoot

Even before T was born I enjoyed taking photos. Whether it was photos of local landscapes, my wife, our dog. I enjoyed capturing moments so the I could cherish them and look back on them in years to come.

I often tried to get in on the picture too, but I quickly noticed that this resulted in the photo looking less ‘natural’. Whilst I’ve captured lots of lovely photos of us over the years, which I will also adore and cherish, a staged photo doesn’t really tell a story like a natural one captured in the moment.

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T’s Reads: Mixed: A Colourful Story by Arree Chung

Over the past three years we’ve slowly been collecting an array of books that are inclusive and diverse. We’ve written previously about our list of favourites, however our list is now growing rapidly (we really need to update this list!). Things are certainly changing when it comes to Children’s books!

Every few weeks I scour the web to find new publishers promoting inclusive books as well as keep up to date with those that we already follow on twitter, and every week I’m seeing something new and exciting. Things are moving forward. It makes me smile from ear to ear, when looking at T’s bookshelves, that I can count on two hands the amount of books that now feature diverse families, as well as challenge prejudice.

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Days Out: Sealife Centre, Brighton (and Lego Ocean Explorers!)

You’d think having an aquarium at home T would be sick of the sight of tropical fish, however when we were invited to Brighton Sealife Centre last week T was more than happy to get a second dose of tropical fish, especially as our visit was to take part in their new Lego ‘Ocean Explorers‘ adventure.

This isn’t our first time to a Sealife Centre, or Brighton Sealife for that matter, we’ve actually been to several across the country over the past few years (including when we didn’t have T), and one thing for sure is that we can always guarantee a good time. Sealife are just one of those places where children (and adults!) of all ages will have fun and learn lots too!

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Mud ‘n’ Bloom Nature Craft Kits: A Subscription Box {Review}

Living in England, you can never guarantee what the weather will be like. One day you can have gorgeous sunshine, and literally the next day; torrential rain. Therefore, I’ve come to making sure that we always have something stashed away for those rainy days to keep us both occupied.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been trialing a new monthly subscription box called Mud ‘n’ Bloom, which is aimed at nature and craft lovers. Within each box are seasonal activities and games, as well as seeds to plant along the way.

Each box is designed to follow EYFS, KS1 and KS2 national curriculum (aged 3 – 8) and are priced at £7.95 (including postage!). There’s also the option to buy them as gifts.

As part of our invitation we received July and August’s box to try out, and thanks to the ever-changing weather, the boxes really have lasted! Because there’s so much to do, we’ve decide to dip in every now and again – this means we’re encouraged to visit different places depending on whether the kit asks us to collect items like twigs, leaves or flowers.

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Camping with Varta {Review}

Probably one of the most important items to take with you when you go camping is lighting. You’re going to need it at night, despite how well-lit the camp site is, especially in the tent and even more so when you need a midnight toilet break!

Therefore, it’s definitely something that you’ll want to invest in, because the last thing you want is for your light to fail when you’re on the royal throne, several meters from your tent, with no sign of clean loo roll. Not to mention in the midst of fixing your guy ropes during a stormy night!

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