The Person Behind the Parent {Naomi: The Organised Life Project }

Another month, another blogger to chat to as part of my ‘Person Behind the Parent’ feature!
Last month, we spoke to Hayley from Devon Mama where they told us they’d like to be adopted by The Obamas and that Karma is indeed a b*tch.
This month, we chat to Naomi from Life by Naomi. A blogger who runs The Organised Life Project alongside their career, their family, and their commitments to their church and their community.

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Three Year Update

Just when I thought things can’t move any faster, our son is now Three. Comparing it to all the other years, last year especially, I am confident that this has been the fastest year yet.

You’d think that after settling into our routine after T started nursery when he turned one that things would have slowed down and continued at a nice pace, but no. Things have only moved faster. Due to a combination of busy weekends, holidays, and general milestones happening weekly, we pretty much hit the ground running every day.

Whilst this is fun and it’s great that we’re never bored – several times throughout this year I could have done with a pause button. Our days are flying by and our baby is growing up way too fast for my liking. It’s hard to keep track of everything and there are days when I look at Sharon and ask; When did he start doing that? or When was the last time he did this? I miss that.

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Things About Camp Bestival We’re ALREADY Looking Forward To!

With the theme for Camp Bestival and some of the headline acts being announced at the tail end of last year – only a few months after Camp Bestival closed for 2017 – it’s not hard to start planning ahead when it comes to who we’d like to see, events we want to take part in, and food we’d like to eat!

There were so many highlights when it came to Camp Bestival last year. Whether it was the wonderful food we ate, the amazing music we listened to live, or the fact that we met some lovely people for the first time over the course of the weekend. It was certainly an experience we’d never had before!

I have no doubts that this year will be no different. If anything, I’m expecting it to be better now that we know what’s in store when it comes to camping with a toddler! Looking at the Camp Bestival  instagram feed, I already have a list (or three) detailing the things I NEED to see this year. There are, of course, some favourites from last year, but there’s now also a TON of new acts and shows thanks to some recent announcements.

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What T Wore: Chipmunks Footwear {Review}

Buying shoes for children is a never ending battle. If it’s not trying to find the right shoe that fits your child’s abnormally large feet (just me then?), it’s the fact that shoes don’t often last a few months – no matter how often you rotate. They also don’t often stand up against an active toddler and wear thin very quick.

I’ve lost count how many pairs of shoes we’ve bought T in the past month. He has certain pairs for nursery (not including wellies!) which are usually second hand, and other pairs for ‘home-only’ or long days out, as well as one pair of ‘proper’ shoes for special occasions. It sounds excessive, but I cannot dress how quickly T destroys shoes or simply outgrows them.

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10 Things About Babymule You Probably Didn’t Know About (& Giveaway!)

Although T is no longer a baby, I always still take a changing bag with me when we go out. Where there used to be SEVERAL items of clothing in the bag, there’s now two tops max and a change of trousers. A handful of toys have been replaced with a few books and one toy, and I no longer need change of top for me (I’ve said it now!).

This is not to say I’m packing any lighter – if anything it’s the same, if not heavier, now that the snacks and bottles of water take up most of the room, as well as clothing for all weathers. T no longer requires his buggy so that extra storage space I once had now has to fit on my back!

To cope with our demands, we still very much rely on our Babymule changing bag. It’s the tardis of changing bags and I have yet to reach a point in packing where I’ve had to sacrifice one thing for another. If I need it, it’s going in! If anything, I often forget about a compartment and wonder what that smell is months later (it’s usually a fermented packet of raisins!)

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