TTC Journey

Welcome to our TTC (Trying to Conceive) Journey.

This is where we detail our conception timeline; from deciding whether we wanted children, who was going to carry, to finally falling pregnant and giving birth to baby T.

If you would like more information on what method of conception is right for you, you can read more via this post.


December 2006 – Sharon and I got together.

August 2011 – After several long discussions about children and the fact that we knew that we both wanted them, we knew that we could have all the conversations in the world but none of them would bring us closer to having a child so we officially started researching and buying the relevant AI* bits.

*We couldn’t afford any clinics, so we went down the home insemination, turkey-baster-stylee, way of making a baby (there is a bigger process to this than just sticking it in – we recommend you doing your research first; especially when it comes to rights, etc.).

May 2012 – One of Sharon’s friends decided many years ago that he would happily be a donor. The conversation was raised with him again and he agreed.

October 2012 – Sharon and I got married (well, civil partnered).

November 2012 – Our 1st Donor pulled out of the process before it began. You can read more about this here.

November 2012 – Started looking through Pride Angel for potential Donors.

December 2012 – Emailed a handful of potential Donors.

December 2012 – We found a Donor!!!!

January 2013 – First ever Insemination.

January 2013 – BFN (Big Fat Negative).

March 2013 – BFN.

April 2013 – BFN.

May 2013 – BFN.

June – August 2013 – Following the stresses of moving home, we decided to take a break.

September 2013 – Ovulated early, missed insemination window.

October 2013 – BFN.

October 2013 – Sacked our 2nd Donor.

November 2013 – Formally decided to take a break for Christmas. There’s no way we would be able to sort out tests and contracts over Christmas.

January 2014 – We found a new Donor!!

January 2014 – BFN.

February 2014 – BFN. (We also found out why).

March 2014 – We decided to visit a Kinesiologist to explore fertility issues.

April 2014 – Got the all clear from the Kinesiologist. I’m ready to make some babies!

May 2014 – BFN.

June 2014 – BFN.

July 2014 – BFP!!!!!!!!!

April 2015 – T arrived!

ashley72788 says:

Your story is very similar to mine & my partners!! We have been TTC since June 2012, we’ve had 1 chemical pregnancy throughout the process ;( We recently switched over from my partner to me and I have my 3rd IUI attempt tomorrow!! **fingers cross***

lesbemums says:

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Very best of luck. We’re going to start again this Sept after having a break due to moving home. Fingers crossed. It’s like a never ending battle.

Good luck!!

ashley72788 says:


Lindsay says:

Congratulations from California! Baby around the corner! Thank you for opening up and sharing your journey. My wife and I started ttc in march 2014. Just got our 6th bfn two days ago. We can’t wait to have the success you have!

lesbemums says:

Hi. Thank you very much. Not long to go indeed.

Welcome to the TTC journey, it can be an absolute ass! lol. Wishing you all the luck that you get your BFP soon.

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