Trying – Take 1

Before I start this I thought I’d mention that the reason we have put “Take 1” is purely for the fact that we are fully aware that this is likely to not work; as it never does first time if other blogs are anything to go by. That said, we are remaining positive but at the same time we’re not putting all our hopes up.

So, as usual, nothing really went to plan; except that we got some sperm.

It started a day earlier than expected when D rang to say that he had to work all of a sudden on the day we were planning the AI. Upon hearing this, my heart sank and I thought (as the drama Queen that I am) that it was all over for this month. However, he reassured us that he still wanted to do it, however, he wanted to know whether we were okay to do it today (OMG! OMG! OMG!).

After several minutes of mouthing updates to S and S not knowing what the hell I was talking about I agreed for D to come over to ours.

Now, if you’ve read here, the plan was to meet at a Travel lodge and do the business there, as our first option was to meet somewhere neutral for both parties so that we were relaxed, and because we weren’t too sure about bringing someone we really didn’t know into our home. 

When I hung up I suddenly wondered what the hell I was on – I didn’t know who D really was! Had I just agreed for a murderer to come to our home? (Yes, I think as much as S) What had I done? Most importantly, where was I in my cycle?

It turns out that due to some irregular OPK results there were two options regarding ovulation. Today (which would be 2 days before ovulation) or next weekend (which would be spot on on option two of ovulation). Nevertheless, we wanted to take any chance we had. So, after some reassurance from S and some drastic cleaning around the house, we were ready!

On the dot, he arrived and we sat down and had a very nervous conversation about everything (who are we kidding – we were all shitting ourselves), as S had yet to really speak to him apart from via email. After a few moments the mood soon lightened when S served some very flat lemonade from Christmas which D had not mentioned until I drank mine (I could have killed her). With any luck, the sprog will get his politeness (he also took his shoes off at the door!). I guess this was part of S’s nerves also.

Suddenly, we all went silent and without any cue S said, “Shall we do this, then?”. This cued us all to awkwardly stand to attention and rush upstairs. D went into one room and I went into another.

To spare the details, it was soon done and he was gone (after the polite “Thank you’s” and “See you soon’s”). Now it was S’s turn to shine. Thankfully, in S’s nature, she had read everything before I-Day and knew how everything worked, which made the process a lot easier – there was no “How the?” and “Where does this go?”, although there were many “So THIS is what it looks like”. It was perfect.

…and then it was done.

I would love to have said that it felt magical – don’t get me wrong, it did; we were making a baby for god’s sake – but I didn’t feel any different to 15 minutes prior. I wasn’t sure what I expected. I guess I was expecting some sort of tingling sensation, but no. Nothing. I had no idea what was going on downstairs.

…and so the waiting began.


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