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This is Lesbemums – An LGBTQ+ Family, Travel & Lifestyle Blog – about life as a two-mum family.

My name is Kate and I am the main contributor to the blog.

I’m 32 and live with my wife, Sharon, near Brighton in East Sussex, UK.

I’m mummy/mum to T.

When I’m not looking after a five year old, I work full-time in Brighton. I’m also a geek and gamer nerd, and love all things to do with gadgets and stationery; to which my speciality is Bullet Journalling. I also enjoy walks with the dog, cooking, plants, travel and photography.

Sharon is 37, works in Brighton, and is Mama to T.

Sharon is definitely the “fun” parent; getting herself into all sorts of trouble with T.

Sharon also enjoys long walks, as well as cooking, watching films, new gadgets and technology, and home life.

Sharon and I met in 2006 and civil partnered in 2012. Our civil partnership was then converted to ‘marriage’ status in 2015.

We found out we were expecting a Beansprout in July 2014 after trying for a baby for two years.

‘Beansprout’ was expected March 2015.

He then arrived in April 2015. You can call him T.

At the moment, he is your typical five year old. He loves food and being outside, and enjoys sports, playing on his scooter, and riding his bicycle. He loves watching films; especially Harry Potter, and having stories read to him. He started school in September.

Our first post introduces us into the world of blogging and TTC (you can find our TTC Journey here), but over time we have written about everything from breastfeeding to weaning, babywearing to walking!

As a same sex family, we have also written several posts about LGBTQ culture and issues, including family related topics such as; building an LGBTQ-inclusive library for your children and things to consider when deciding on suitable schools for your child as an LGBTQ parent.

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