Our Top List of UK LGBTQ Blogs & Influencers (SO FAR!)

Honestly Holly says:

This makes me so bloody happy. So much queer creativity ready to burst forth into the world! You’re crusaders of the modern age and I adore you!

My Two Mums says:

Love love love this. Thank you for including us 🙂

Circus Mum says:

Such an awesome resource! I’m flabbergasted by the amount of blogs on here I hadn’t come across yet. I think I only follow about 6 of them. That’ll soon be rectified, you’ve provided something that will truly help so many people and hopefully take away the excuse I hear too often from brands and PRs that they simply can’t find diverse / minority bloggers to reach out to. They need to bookmark this pronto

Sally says:

Even though I’m straight, white and working class I follow lots of these. I chose them because I like their posts, now I’ve got lots more to have a look at. Great list.

Bread says:

Great list. More for me to follow and a great resource. Hopefully something people will use. I’m like you. I want to see us represented.

The Globetrotter Guys says:

This was a good read! We liked the intro because for us, we are trying to break through the barrier that we can do more than just pride campaigns – LGBTQ+ people can and should be featured all year round in any campaign (not just LGBTQ+ related ones) 🙂

Anna says:

there’s a nice lgbtq apparel skay_navarre on insta. They do giveaways

Sarah says:

This is such a great list! Any chance can you could update our link to TheSmithStory? Just checked and SarahplusLaura link goes to a dead page. Thanks for the inclusion and keep up the good work!

Kate Everall says:

Oops! Apologies. I’ve changed this now

Emma says:

Thank you for this. Your blog massively inspired me to blog about our journey. Reading about other lgbtq+ families helped me through some tough times and gave me excellent resources to show my 12 year old who lives with homophobic step mum and father, that there are other lgbtq+ families and we are not all going to burn in hell. Yes that’s really what her step mum has been telling her since the age of 5. I’ve had a huge battle to show her it’s ok to be gay and blogs like this have been so valuable in educating her.

Hopefully one day my blog will get as big as some of these and inspire others. For now I’m still finding my feet. But one day hope to make the list!

Thanks again for all your hard work.



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