Our Top List of UK LGBTQ Blogs & Influencers (SO FAR!)

Honestly Holly says:

This makes me so bloody happy. So much queer creativity ready to burst forth into the world! You’re crusaders of the modern age and I adore you!

My Two Mums says:

Love love love this. Thank you for including us 🙂

Circus Mum says:

Such an awesome resource! I’m flabbergasted by the amount of blogs on here I hadn’t come across yet. I think I only follow about 6 of them. That’ll soon be rectified, you’ve provided something that will truly help so many people and hopefully take away the excuse I hear too often from brands and PRs that they simply can’t find diverse / minority bloggers to reach out to. They need to bookmark this pronto

Sally says:

Even though I’m straight, white and working class I follow lots of these. I chose them because I like their posts, now I’ve got lots more to have a look at. Great list.

Bread says:

Great list. More for me to follow and a great resource. Hopefully something people will use. I’m like you. I want to see us represented.

The Globetrotter Guys says:

This was a good read! We liked the intro because for us, we are trying to break through the barrier that we can do more than just pride campaigns – LGBTQ+ people can and should be featured all year round in any campaign (not just LGBTQ+ related ones) 🙂

Anna says:

there’s a nice lgbtq apparel skay_navarre on insta. They do giveaways

Sarah says:

This is such a great list! Any chance can you could update our link to TheSmithStory? Just checked and SarahplusLaura link goes to a dead page. Thanks for the inclusion and keep up the good work!

Kate Everall says:

Oops! Apologies. I’ve changed this now

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