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Brighton Pride 2018: Why Pride is still important.

Over the past thirty-something years, I’ve been ‘proud’ of many things. I was proud when I got a few A’s in my GCSE’s (I know, I was surprised, too), I was proud when I passed my driving test, I was proud when I lost a lot of weight whilst trying for a baby, and more

A Letter to the Marketing Team of…

Dear Marketing Team, It’s Pride season! I probably don’t need to tell you this though, you’ve probably had it in your calendars since January, if not since last Pride. You’ve got your rainbow flags sat in storage ready to adorn the float you plan to place on the Pride parade, you’ve got your hashtags at

13 Reasons Why We Don’t have ‘Straight Pride’

Less than a month since we wrote about the devastating massacre in Orlando, this  week I was shocked to see the following hashtag trending on Twitter: #HeterosexualPrideDay. Discussing it with my friend Laura, we were appalled. Angry. Sick. I don’t know where it originated from, or why it came about. Whether it was genuine, or whether