OKIDO Which Way? Game [AD – Review]

When I was in school, the first introduction to coding was via a computer programme where a you would create a string of commands – such as Right 100, Forward 2, Left 210, and so on – where a little turtle (I think it might have even been called Turtle!) would then follow those commands to make a shape. It was very basic and, quite frankly, dull and if you missed one step – which would have no doubt taken you hours to write – your diagram would be completely ruined!

Nowadays, it’s no longer like that. Instead, there are a range of STEM activities to teach children the basics of coding without them realising that they’re learning how to code!

Last week, we were introduced to our first ever coding activity – the OKIDO Which Way? Game – an exciting game where you’re invited to create different “tracks” for your car, simulating the art of coding.  Continue reading

Strictly Bricks: Lego Compatible Bricks and Baseplates [AD – Review]

This month, we were recently sent some items from Strictly Bricks – a new STEM toy founded in 2014 that encourages children to learn and create using the power of construction.

T’s reached a wonderful age where he really enjoys building and creating “masterpieces”, and has a bounty of Lego in his room, but these sets can come at a cost, so when we were invited to try out an alternative we were keen to see how they compared.

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Wooden Railway Tracks and Trains by Wooden Railways (Review) [AD]

When T first started his love of trains, we never really knew what this would involve. Sure there would be the occasional trip to a steam railway (or the level crossing if we were skint!) and of course obtaining a fair few toy trains a long the way. Over time, however, we have in the region of 30 different trains. Ranging from plastic to wooden to even a soft cuddly train.

It’s quite the collection, and I now dread to look at how much we’ve spent over the past three years on train related items. T has an engine driver hat, an array of whistles, and a variety of tickets kept from different journeys. And when I come to think of it, why not?

I like Lego, T likes Trains.

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Enjoying Our Garden with HTI Toys ‘Fun Sport’ Range (Review) [AD]

Whilst we love going out and about, visiting new places, and seeing new things, we also love spending time at home in our garden. Before T came along, Sharon and I often used to spend afternoons and weekends soaking up the sun with a book, eating our dinner outside, or simply sat round a fire-pit in the evening, and whilst we still do most of these things – our fire pit has recently turned into a swing ball set and ‘soaking up the sun’ is more like sweeping up excess sand from the sandpit!

It’s not the biggest of gardens, and grass comes at a premium due to having a raised lawn, but it’s our garden and we’re almost at a point where we don’t need to do much to it. It’s our little green haven and is a perfect spot for T to let off steam when we can’t go out – even in the winter!

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Getting Outdoors with Little Tikes: The Spinning Seas Water Table {Review}

Let’s face it, the weather in 2018 has been pretty poor so far. If there’s not a constant wall of rain, we’re having yellow warnings for snow in March! This time last year I was in shorts according to my Timehop!  I’m gutted that I have yet to enjoy my garden properly, as not only is it incredibly overgrown, but the weather is just too cold to stay out there for too long. Last year, I was on my third BBQ!

Last weekend, however, this golden ball of light appeared in the sky. So, I took advantage of it and cut the grass, tidied the garden, and made it more toddler friendly ready for the spring. Surprisingly, the good weather remained and upon returning from a day out for T’s birthday, we decided to spend a few hours in our garden.

I opened up the sandpit that Sharon built T last year and Sharon cracked open his new Water Table that the folks at Little Tikes had recently sent us to review. It was almost a year ago today that we were testing out the previous Water Table from Little Tikes: The Fountain Factory. It was (and still is) a fab little water table with lots of things to do, however as time has gone on, and the weather has dirtied the table somewhat, the table has started to look and feel a little tired. Therefore, we were looking forward to reviewing a different model in their expansive range!

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Fun with Sri Toys (Review) [AD]

If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know that I often post mini frustrations with the amount of plastic we’ve purchased T over the past two years. Mainly a particular brand that rhymes with hoot hoot. Don’t get me wrong, it has it’s uses, and the toddler enjoys playing with it – but more often than not I spend more time building it with for him than T spends actually playing with it.

And don’t get me started on the vehicles that will drive you mad quicker than you can say hoot hoot.

I much prefer wooden toys – although I understand from a toddler’s point of view that the addition of flashing lights and annoying sounds is more appealing, although T does still enjoy playing make believe but he has to be in the right mood. I like wooden toys simply because they last longer and look (and smell!) a lot nicer.

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