OKIDO Which Way? Game [AD – Review]

OKIDO Which Way? Game [AD – Review]

When I was in school, the first introduction to coding was via a computer programme where a you would create a string of commands – such as Right 100, Forward 2, Left 210, and so on – where a little turtle (I think it might have even been called Turtle!) would then follow those commands

Wooden Railway Tracks and Trains by Wooden Railways (Review) [AD]

When T first started his love of trains, we never really knew what this would involve. Sure there would be the occasional trip to a steam railway (or the level crossing if we were skint!) and of course obtaining a fair few toy trains a long the way. Over time, however, we have in the

Playtime with Wicked Uncle [AD – Review]

Just when we think T has enough toys we suddenly realise he doesn’t. It’s not the physical number that isn’t enough, it’s the sheer speed of T’s evolving brain that it seems we¬†can’t keep up with, meaning his current collection of toys often get shoved to the bottom of the basket or completed within seconds.

Teething: Our Top 5 Teethers

We cut (pun intended) the short straw when it came to T teething. Starting at 3 months old we were in full swing by the time he reached 4 months with 4 teeth already through.  At 7 months, he now has 6 teeth through with others likely making an appearance soon! Although we have plenty

GumiGem Bubba Bag Teething Toys – Review

We saw the first signs of teething at around 3 months. T was dribbling a lot more and seemed grumpier in the evenings, but for no reason. He’d be moaning but not a typical cry. We didn’t see any rosy cheeks and his temperature didn’t change. It wasn’t until he chomped down on S’s finger

Reminiscing With Toys

I was in T’s room the other day, putting his clothes away, and I noticed that his toy drawer was open. After realising that the wife had probably had her own play session and forgotten to shut the draw, I looked inside. Soft toys, hard toys, toys that play music, toys that react to movement. Bath toys,