Teething: Our Top 5 Teethers

We cut (pun intended) the short straw when it came to T teething. Starting at 3 months old we were in full swing by the time he reached 4 months with 4 teeth already through. 

At 7 months, he now has 6 teeth through with others likely making an appearance soon!

Although we have plenty of medicinal tools such as teething powders and gels, you can only give some of these every few hours these are in short supply so we had to find decent teething toys – and fast!

Over the past 4 months we’ve gone through our fair share of toys. Everything from wooden spoons to  flannels have been used, not to mention our fingers! Here are our top 5 teething toys:


MAM Bite and Play Teether – This is a very cleverly designed Teether as it gives the teethee (?) the choice to chew or just gnaw on something. The rattle is an added bonus and works as a nice distraction when another part is in their mouth. You can also put this in the fridge for added soothing as the chewy bit contains water. 

Hiku Designs Teether – Leave it dry or make it damp (with cold or luke warm water), this has come in very handy when T has just wanted to gnaw. Remove the fabric (remembering how it went on in the first place) and the wood is good for the front teeth. 

ComoTomo – We saw this as this year’s Baby Show and was really impressed with the design. As a massive fan of fingers, the prongs are the perfect length for T and they’re solid but still soft enough to really chew. 

MAM Teething FriendSofter than the Como, and really easy to handle. What we really like about this one is that the “face” end is somewhat hollow (with the rubber latex being thick enough so teeth don’t pierce) so it’s good for T to really stick his teeth in. 

Sofie La Giraffe – Get a Sofie. Get a Sofie. Get. A. Sofie. Everything about Sofie; from her legs to her neck have met the needs of a teething T. The rubber is probably no different to the Teether friend by MAM but because of the shape; ifsomething  bugs him at the back, in goes a hoof. The front teeth, her face. It sounds violent, but there’s not one bit of Sofie that hasn’t been chewed or nibbled. The rubber is soft, but again not too soft (I’ve yet to find actual teeth marks), and I only found out the other day that it squeaks (not so great for the dog!) which makes it fun for them. 

We probably still have several months of teething pain (for everyone) to go, so we’re really glad we have these teethers to hand. 

What’s helped you through teething? Anything we’ve missed?


We were given the MAM teething friend for the purpose of a review, however all opinions are our own. All other teethers were purchased by us. 

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