Days Out: Gringotts Bank at Warner Bros. Studio Tour, London (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

This week we were invited to the opening of the new 2019 feature at Warner Bros. Studios in London – Gringotts Wizarding Bank – the studio’s biggest expansion to date!

Opening on 6th April 2019, it primarily celebrates the last two Harry Potter movies – the Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2 where the bank and vaults are featured the most – as well as featuring lots of favourite props from The Philosopher’s Stone, such as vault 687.

I’ve now lost count as to how many times we’ve visited the studios, but it really doesn’t matter as there’s always something new to see. There’s also something incredibly special about revisiting where magic was literally made.

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Days Out: The Tate Modern, London

Last week, we were invited to London for an event, but seeing as it was only for the morning we thought we’d make the most out of our day (and train ticket!) and remain in London for the rest of the day.

Sadly, Sharon had to head back to work for the afternoon after the event; leaving T and I to our own devices, so we decided to take advantage of this and take a quick train ride to The Tate Modern. This was going to be T’s first visit to the galley. I was so excited!

We don’t usually do many “firsts” without Sharon, but art is one of the few things Sharon and I differ on. It’s not to say she dislikes art, she just doesn’t get it. She can appreciate a good painting or photograph, but that’s as far as it goes. I, on the other hand, really enjoy the arts and feel that it’s an incredibly important subject for children to explore. In fact, the earlier the better.

What do you think?

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Days Out: Christmas at London Zoo (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

It’s not often that I welcome early Christmas celebrations. For me, Christmas starts in December give or take a few early Christmas purchases because the items were on sale! The thought of putting my tree up anytime before December sends icicles down my spine. I just don’t want to be bored of Christmas before it’s begun!

That being said, when certain places put on a Christmas event or the movie channels turn on their festive viewing, I’ve been known to have a sneaky peek – allowing myself to get a little excited for Christmas, which is exactly what we did when we visited London Zoo last week. They’ve recently opened their Christmas trail and on their opening night we were invited to see it in all it’s splendour.

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Days Out: London Zoo (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

London Zoo was probably one of the first zoo’s Sharon and I remember visiting when we were young, which is no surprise seeing as it opened in 1828! I remember visiting when I was little and seeing a number of rare animals (for that time anyway!) and being in complete awe. From Gorillas to Pandas, London Zoo was one of a kind for many years. I’m also pretty sure I remember riding a camel.

More recently, we were introduced to the wonders of ZSL London Zoo: Gruesome Nature Live! at Camp Bestival, which got us thinking about re-visiting London Zoo. We rarely venture into London, so seeing as we were visiting for something else that day we thought we’d pay them a visit and see how much has changed over the twenty-something years.

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Days Out: The New Goblet of Fire Exhibit at Warner Bros Studio Tour, London. (Review) [AD – Press Trip]

If you follow us on instagram you’ll know that we’re massive Potterheads. If you don’t know what that means, I’ll enlighten you:

Definition: Amazingly cool people who are obsessed with Harry Potter.

We adore the series and ever since Warner Bros. opened their studios in Watford, London we have visited the Harry Potter studio tour a number of times. You may think this as a bit excessive, but the tour is constantly changing and adding new features. As well as the seasonal changes where props are often adorned with snow in the winter or sets decorated with pumpkins in the autumn, there are also regular releases of new behind the scenes footage and experiences.

The last time we visited, T was a mere 18 months old and had just started walking. To him, it was a day out and a safe place to toddle with some fun stuff to do along the way. Fast forward another 18 months and it’s now a whole new experience.

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Top 5 Family Activities Perfect for Summer in London


School is almost out and therefore summer holidays are almost here. With this, it’s good to plan ahead and think of ways to use this time to bond with your family as you enjoy the local attraction sites. A picnic by the river, outdoor adventures, and family games helps to build special moments with loved ones.

Outlined below are activities perfect for a family trip to London this summer!

  1. Enjoy the Tube Train

If you are visiting London for the first time, make sure you drive the tube train.

Did you know the transport department allows children to take control of the virtual tube train. Sitting in the front of a rollercoaster enables you to have a clear view of the city. You can pretend that you are driving it and take some pictures.

This category of fun is particularly suitable for kids aged seven years and above.

  1. Theatre Time

Take the children to the theatre to watch new animated movies. The playhouse has a host of tales with live music, host of characters, and puppetry from the best-loved titles and bestselling books. The kids are guaranteed to enjoy the funky moves, giggles, and toe-tapping tunes.

Check online for tickets to the late-night shows tailored for adults.

  1. Playground for the Kids

The Bloomsbury in central London is an open space that is child-friendly. The park on this walled garden is the best and most beautiful for miles around. Enormous sandpit, see-saws, swing, and climbing frames are available on the east part.

The older children should visit the adventure playground and farm city with tunnel slide, zip wire, and various climbing equipment made from natural materials. These sites are fit for kids over one year and you should be present to monitor their moves.

  1. Tour the Serpentine

Check out the dedicated swimming period to determine when to visit the water expanses. Serpentine is among the prettiest water areas in London. The gated family section has a chlorinated and paddled pool, swings, and sandpit for parents to relax while kids play. Hire the sun loungers and sunbathing for your family.

You do not need to worry about snacks and food as you can buy from the stalls within the lido grounds.

Note that the water regions are ideal for children who are seven years and up.

  1. Track Day

The event allows you to take your motorcycle or vehicle to enjoy on track for a day or evening. Attendees must have a valid driving license and no racing skills are needed. They also accept race licenses and kids from 12 years to drive a car.

Consider taking up the driving experiences challenge to boost your road skills. They include Rally, Racing Car, Off Road, or Supercar experiences. The above top 5 family activities for summer should be on your list.


  • Make sure you plan for the vacation a month earlier to create time for amending decisions.
  • Involve the children when planning for the holiday to take care of their interest.
  • Remember to carry a notebook and a camera to record and capture the moments you spend in this beautiful city.