2016 Bucket List

I’ve never been a fan of resolutions. They always seem to target the negative or can turn themselves into a chore. “Lose weight” is usually a popular one, but one that’s often broken first. Unless you want to do it, or would have done it without the resolution, don’t do it. You’ll just feel rubbish about breaking it. If you’re one of the odd balls that can make and stick to resolutions, good for you!

For this reason, we haven’t made resolutions for quite some time but that’s not to say we haven’t set ourselves little targets for the year. Things like; give blood, being meat free twice a week, or screen free Wednesday’s have been some of the tasks we’ve set ourselves.

Inspired by a fellow blogger, and to expand on our yearly “taskings”, we’ve decided to write a Bucket List for 2016.

It’s likely we’ll add to it over the coming weeks, but so far we’re pretty happy with it. Some tasks are more achievable than others, but then that’s the fun of it!

Here’s what our bucket list looks like…

Take part in a photo challenge to document T’s growth through the year • Visit somewhere new at least once a month • Go to a blogging event • Treat ourselves to a new sofa • Complete / fill in T’s baby book • Cook something new • Have a day at the beach • Video more • Fly a kite • Do something selfless • Meet more blogging / twitter friends in person • Spend more time in the garden • Read (and complete) a book (or three) • Go on holiday • Make macaroons • Get T a passport • Get on a ferry to France • Take more photos on the camera (not the phone) • Take the grandparents out to lunch. Give blood • Learn a new skill •

What I like about a bucket list is that there are no limitations. Yes some objectives look like something off of an every day to-do list, but at least this way I’ll be pushed to do it!

Do you make bucket lists? What’s on yours?


Our First Family Holiday 

We’ve been going to Cornwall every year since the wife and I got together. It was our place to escape. To relax. We’ve been to other parts of the West Country but Cornwall is and will always be our favourite. So naturally, when it came to having our first family holiday, we wanted to go to Cornwall.

It was a sudden booking as we’d already booked a holiday to Wales, but with S having a stressful time at work and not really having a proper family “break” since her paternity leave (if you can count it as a break), we needed to get away before our break to Wales.

After packing everything bar the kitchen sink we were ready to go. We left at 8am by the time T woke and had breakfast on the way. For a 6 hour journey we planned 2-3 stops depending on how T was, this seemed pretty reasonable as T is guaranteed to sleep whenever he’s in the car.

Our first two stops went according to plan – T had slept from home and between both stops. As we arrived at Exeter this is where it went a bit downhill. As we drove to our final destination, only a mere 90 minutes to go, T was getting fed up of being in the car seat. We were so close and yet so far. This then lead to lots of tears (from both parties), singing, and desperate attempts to keep T happy, but we finally arrived.

We stayed in your typical holiday park caravan (as it tells us we’re definitely on holiday!) which we promptly made our own, and did something every day. We visited Lands End, Penzance, Paradise Park, St. Ives, and Cyder Farms. We gorged on cream teas, fudge, ice cream, and pasties. We also went swimming on site a few times. We had such a great time.

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The journey back was unfortunately hellish as we left a bit late which meant that we were still driving by the time T’s bedtime rolled round. This lead to us unpacking and repacking the car somewhere near Southampton so that S could keep T company in the back which worked.

We’ll certainly think about distance next time we go on holiday but nevertheless, we still had a great time and really didn’t want to go home!


We received no compensation for using the links in this post, we just think they’re great places to visit!

Surviving The Summer Holidays (with a 3-4 month old).

For the past 4 months I had regular outings planned every week.

On Wednesdays, I went swimming. On Fridays, I had a baby group. On one of the other days I met with my post natal mums for either soft play, coffee, or a walk (or all three!). It was a nice routine and I found T was happy with this. If I’m lucky (and not poor) I also got to meet up with S for lunch!

If I was indoors for 2 days in a row, T wouldn’t be as tolerant when it came to playing on the play mat or being left for that matter. It’s a funny coincidence but it’s like he was bored. So, if I wanted to do any of my housework on one of the other days, I needed to make sure I’d been out the day before.

When the school holidays arrived, my plans were well and truly scuppered. Apart from the days I met with my post natal mums, I didn’t have any real plans. Swimming had finished, and so had the majority of baby groups in the area.

T was too young for anything like baking and crafts, and I couldn’t afford places like soft play every week so I was having to think of things to do for the next four to six weeks to keep us both sane!

Here’s what we go up to…

Walks. There was definitely a lot of these. It may be an obvious one but it was still a planned activity. It also gave me time to enjoy baby wearing. The dog was also happy! This, however, was very much weather dependant!

Swimming. Although not as frequent as before as the local pool is quite expensive, T loves swimming and I can always guarantee T will have a good nap after.

People watching. T loves a busy cafe or noisy park, so we often took ourselves out for afternoons to just sit and watch.


Local events. Whether it was a family fun day, a cafe opening, or an open day at a fire station – finding something to do locally meant little money and petrol.

Pet shops. This may sound a bit odd, but let me explain. Since finding his focus, T has become very aware of what’s around him. He’s often found staring at our fish tank or out the window, so one day I took him to our local chain pet shop (which happened to be next to where I needed to go anyway) and let his eyes run loose with the guinea pigs, rabbits, fish, and reptiles. It lasted all of 30 minutes but it was somewhere new (and free!)

Libraries. Libraries are free (my favourite word) and often have activities for young ones during the holidays. I’ve done my fair share of rhyme time already, but keep going back for more!

 When T’s older, even by a few months, I’m hoping the activities will be easier to come by but, for now, I think I’ve done pretty well at keeping us both occupied during the summer holidays.

How do/did you get through the week during the summer holidays? What did you get up to?


10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

Last week, our friend Heather over at LezBVeganMoms tagged us to complete a ’10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me…’ Link. I don’t normally do these but the questions sounded fun and I thought it would help me string two words together – something I’m not doing well at at the moment. 

The rules are as follows:

– Link back to the blogger who nominated you and answer their 10 questions

– Add the badge to your post

– Write your own 10 questions and tag 10 bloggers to do the same.

Here are Heather’s questions (and my answers). 

1) What’s the first thing you do each morning? If you count the morning as anything from 6am (and not 3am which is technically the morning) then the first thing I do is feed T. This is when I find out what sort of day I’ll have. 

2) What is the song you sing the loudest when you’re alone and no one else is listening? Depending on my mood this can be anything from Alanyis Morrisette ‘Ironic’ to Marylin Manson ‘Fight Song’. 

3) What is your favourite children’s book? Oh wow. There are so many to choose from. ‘Guess How Much I Love You’ is pretty high in my rankings.

4) When did you get your first kiss and where? I think I was about 8 years old and it was with a boy from my primary school. We were at a school disco. 

5) Do you think Halloween should be an official holiday everyone takes off from school and work? (P.S. You can light yourself on fire if you don’t.) The UK has only just started really getting into Halloween like the U.S. so I never really “celebrated” it as a child but if it means a day off from work then I’m all for it!

6) If you were a sandwich what kind of sandwich would you be? Ha! I think I’d be a really meaty sandwich with lots of firey mustard. 

7) When was the last time you called your mom? Yesterday. 

8) If you could only take one personal item to a des(s)erted island, would you choose cake? I’d love to choose cake but it, sadly, wouldn’t last that long. Plus, I also like pie. 

9) How many hours of sleep did you get last night? Last night I got 8, but the previous night I got 6. I really does depend. 

Who makes you smile the biggest? As a new mum, there’d be something wrong if I didn’t say that T laughing made me smile the biggest, but I actually love it when my wife holds our baby and just looks at me like I’ve given her the best present in the world. 

Here are my questions…

1) Where’s your favourite place in the world. 

2) If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?

3) What is your favourite condiment?

4) If you could have a conversation with one person who is no longer with us, who would it be?

5) Favourite animal, and why?

6) Favourite smell, and why?

7) When is your favourite time of the year?

8) What is your guilty pleasure?

9) What would be the first thing you’d do with a lottery win? 

10) What is the first thing you think about when you wake up? 

I think most of the people I would have liked to have nominated have already been nominated so instead, I open the floor up to anyone who’d like to join in. 

I really like finding out new things about people so please feel free to answer in the comments if you don’t want to write a post. 



Sunday Walks

Around the area that we live are several places we enjoy walking the dog.   

For years we’ve been coming to these places and whilst there, we chat. A lot.

Before T arrived, the chats would primarily be around “when/if we have kids” and what we’d get up to with them. We’d daydream about days out, holidays, Christmases. We couldn’t wait for it all to become real. We also talked about fun stuff, like; lottery wins, dream jobs, buying a house, you name it. These walks got us away from the hustle and bustle, and into dream land. We’d end up walking for hours, often not realising where we’d got to. 

When I was pregnant, the dreams were slowly becoming real (apart from the lottery win!), although the “off piste” walks quickly became shorter as I was a liability and never wore the right shoes. 

Then T arrived, and although it’s taken us a few months to get back into going for long walks, it hasn’t taken us long to back to where we used to be. Disappearing into our own little bubble, and chatting about the future we now have planned as a family.