Why I’m Kinda Enjoying Life, Now That School Has Started

It’s safe to say that when T started school a little part of me had been taken away. For the past three and a bit years we had a good routine and I had the opportunity to still be with him for a decent amount of time as well as work three to five days a week.

But, for the past few weeks, I’ve come to realise that T being in school is actually pretty handy, and after the novelty of school runs wore off I started to relax and take full advantage of the spare time I suddenly had!

Don’t get me wrong, I still miss our days out and relaxing mornings together – especially as I still have no clue what he gets up to – but having spare time and being able to things I wasn’t able to do previously has certainly softened the blow.

I’d love to know if you can relate to any of these.

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Parenting Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

The ride of motherhood is something that we love, but let’s face it, it is just that, a ride, and comes with plenty of ups and downs. Sometimes the ride of motherhood can get a little bumpy, but other times, it is plain sailing and there is great fun enjoyment to be had.

So here are some tips and tricks to help things to run much more smoothly, and to avoid too many scared screams, and lots of fun and laughter instead.

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Why Weddings Are Totally Different For Same-Sex Couples

The purpose of a wedding is to demonstrate publicly that two people have committed to becoming partners for life. They will stand by each other, no matter what the circumstances of their lives – or that’s the theory at least.

Weddings are tricky enough for heterosexual couples, but there are things that only same-sex couples have to deal with when it comes to getting hitched. Take a look at these ways that planning for a same-sex wedding is totally different.

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How to Adapt to Life as a New Mum

Becoming a parent is the most life-changing experience imaginable, so it is only natural that making the change from being ‘you’ to being ‘mum’ is going to take a lot of getting used to. During your pregnancy, you may have read all of the parenting and baby books that you could get your hands on, but nothing quite prepares you for the reality of life as a parent. From the moment that you hold your baby in your arms for the very first time, your focus shifts and suddenly nothing else really matters.

While antenatal classes can help prepare you for taking care of your baby and what to expect in terms of sleepless nights and feeds, they can’t prepare you for the tonne of hormones that hit you and the way that this massive change in your life leaves you feeling.

Becoming a parent is both the most wonderful job in the world and the toughest, and bringing your new baby home is just the start of your incredible journey as a new parent. These tips will hopefully provide you with some reassuring advice as you adapt to life as a new mum:

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