5 Month Update

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  1. littlerainbowbug says:

    5 months is so fun, I love it when they find their feet! It’s also around the time Darwin started refusing to nurse when there were distractions. That lasted for about three months, then like magic, at 9 months she started taking to it anywhere and everywhere again like nothing had happened. These kids!

    Favorite first foods in our house have been avocado, pear, peas and chicken. Next time I’m going to avoid any bread products for longer. When bread is present it’s almost impossible to get anything else into her.

    1. Bread? That’s interesting. I think my main worry with bread later is choking. Interesting to think that it’ll fill them up before other foods. Fingers crossed he still sticks with the boob, although at least I’ll know it’s normal if he stops once he’s weaning.

      I’m loving this time at the moment (excl. teeth!). Everything is new and exciting. Im often wondering what he’s thinking.


  2. Have you read Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley? It’s so easy to read and covers everything including first food ideas. I recommend it to everyone!!

    1. Ooo. Thank you. I’ll take a look. So far, we only have Annabel Karmel books.

  3. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    Ah I love reading these posts as our two are so similar in age! I loved this month as they really start to show a character don’t they? Jealous of your scheduled day time sleeps, even if night isn’t as good! It’s all very much up in the air over here!

    Thanks for linking up to #WhatMyKidDid!

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