5 Month Update

T is now 5 months old!

Movement and coordination has been a huge factor this month in comparison to last month.

Between 19 and 21 weeks was when things changed rapidly. For example, T used to lay on his back or front and play with things given to him or nearby. This week, however, he quite confidently goes to grab things at a distance, reaching out his arms. Before, he used to limit himself to things that were at an easier arms length. Everything is a target; my mug, our faces, even a passing cat gets a grab.

Movement wise, T has found his feet. Feet that are, more often than not, in the air and then on their way into T’s mouth, or grabbed so that when T’s in his back he ends up rolling onto his side.


This is huge. Not only does this keep him occupied but it means he’s nicely on the way to rolling over from his back to front. Sadly, though, he’s also quickly understanding that the things he sometimes chomps on are attached to him. A bitten toe = displeased baby.

Even with all this new movement, T’s nighttime sleep is still no better than before. We are well and truly experiencing sleep regression. We now have completely random bouts of waking between 1am and 5am, although once he’s changed and fed he’s back to sleep until 7am. I wouldn’t mind this so much if it was every night and/or the same time every night so I could get used to it, but because his timing as to when he’ll wake (or at all) is completely random I find I’m more tired now than I was when T was a newborn. During the day, however, he’s still sticking to the nap schedule he set months ago.

Now that T’s 5 months, I’m also now starting to think about weaning (weeps)! I don’t intend on actually starting until 6 months, but since T’s started to get distracted easily whilst feeding it’s something I think I’ll have to start looking into. I’m hoping to introduce a mixture of baby led weaning and mushed food that I’ll prepare.

Speaking of food, things are still going well with breastfeeding. We’ve had a few “incidents” but all in all, it’s not been too bad. Feeds are now ranging from 20-60 minutes at a time, but he goes longer without needing a feed. T still also takes the bottle, which was lucky as S had to give him one after he almost bit something clean off. The only difference with feeds now is that he doesn’t always fall asleep at the boob (sobs) which means I’m having to learn how to put him to sleep at nap time! I feel like I’m a new parent at times because I’ve previously been blessed with the magic dust of a boob.

Finally, we’re going on our first family holiday to Cornwall at the end of the month. We can’t wait. It couldn’t have come at a better time. T will just be turning 6 months when we return so we’re hoping to go on lots of days out and trips that’ll excite him. For me and S, it’ll be a well deserved break (although do you really relax on holiday with a baby?).

Before we go in at the deep end, any tips on weaning? Any good foods to start with? How was your first holiday with a baby?


5 thoughts on “5 Month Update

  1. littlerainbowbug says:

    5 months is so fun, I love it when they find their feet! It’s also around the time Darwin started refusing to nurse when there were distractions. That lasted for about three months, then like magic, at 9 months she started taking to it anywhere and everywhere again like nothing had happened. These kids!

    Favorite first foods in our house have been avocado, pear, peas and chicken. Next time I’m going to avoid any bread products for longer. When bread is present it’s almost impossible to get anything else into her.

    • lesbemums says:

      Bread? That’s interesting. I think my main worry with bread later is choking. Interesting to think that it’ll fill them up before other foods. Fingers crossed he still sticks with the boob, although at least I’ll know it’s normal if he stops once he’s weaning.

      I’m loving this time at the moment (excl. teeth!). Everything is new and exciting. Im often wondering what he’s thinking.


  2. Laura says:

    Have you read Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley? It’s so easy to read and covers everything including first food ideas. I recommend it to everyone!!

  3. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    Ah I love reading these posts as our two are so similar in age! I loved this month as they really start to show a character don’t they? Jealous of your scheduled day time sleeps, even if night isn’t as good! It’s all very much up in the air over here!

    Thanks for linking up to #WhatMyKidDid!

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