Our 2020

Our 2020

Where do you even begin to start talking about 2020. Before a GLOBAL PANDEMIC? During? Or on the other side (when we eventually reach it). When every week became a year, when the hours dragged but the months flew, how can you possibly summarise a year like this one? If 2020 was a film, I’m

Life in Lockdown, Silver Linings and Feeling Grateful

It’s been around two months since lockdown was announced in the UK following the Corona Virus (COVID-19) outbreak, and I’ve probably written and re-written this post half a dozen times. How can one possibly start to unbox and talk about being in a global pandemic when you often don’t know what day it is and

An Interview with T at Five (A lockdown SPECIAL!)

You may remember, when T was three, a little interview I did with him to tell you all about the things he likes to see and do (and eat!). It was a lovely experience as not only was I hearing his vocabulary come along but I was learning more about his personality. Annoyingly, I completely

Milestones: Fifth Year Update!

This post is probably going to be a bit different to our usual yearly update as I’m writing this during a time of complete uncertainty. I would have liked to have written this post during a less turbulent time, when birthdays and Easters aren’t delayed, schools aren’t closed, and the sunshine can be properly enjoyed

Our 2019

Is it that time again? Goodness, where has the year gone? I know I say this every year, but it really has flown. The main contributing factor has definitely been T starting school in September. It absolutely consumed us as soon as the clocks struck midnight into 2019, starting with school places and then uniforms.

An Interview With T at Three

You may remember last year I was tagged by Lauren from Scrapbook Blog to take part in a little interview with T just as he was turning three. It was really cute and I was astounded at how much his personality shone through at such an early age. Not to mention how his language was