2 Month Update

T is now 8 weeks old, almost 2 months! He has been on this planet 56 days! It doesn’t sound like long, and it isn’t really, but when you think about the changes that have occurred in that time it feels like time is really flying by and that T is growing up so quickly.

T’s physical look has changed  significantly in comparison to 2 months ago.

He’s almost holding his head up independently 100%, often holding it up for long periods whilst on his tummy. He also doesn’t let his head drop suddenly half as much when either on my chest (hitting my collar bone!) or being carried.

He’s now comfortably fitting 0-3 month clothing, and even some 3-6 month clothing depending on where we bought the clothes. He fits most things on his waist but perhaps needs a bit of growing to do on his legs.

When the health visitor visited last (at approx 6 weeks) he weighed in at over 12Ib – by now he’s probably hitting the 13Ib mark. I was concerned he was a little weighty as I know friends with older babies that aren’t that far ahead weight wise, but the HV said he was perfect. Length and head measurements are apparently perfect also – all measuring on the 95th centile whatever that means. Apparently, he’s nicely in proportion.


This subject is a big one; one I’ll dedicate to in a separate post, but to summarise we finally think we’ve cracked T’s sleeping at night. He now has to sleep with a wedge under his mattress in his Moses basket so that he sleeps at an angle, but for some reason he likes it. Before, we’d have 30 minutes of sleeping alone (if you can even call it sleep) before he’d stir. This then resulted in T sleeping on me just so all three of us could get some sleep.  It was a nightmare.

We currently put T to bed at 8:30pm/9pm and he sleeps for 4-5 hours solid. After this, he’s then waking every 2 hours for a nappy change and feed.

I couldn’t be happier about this. Of course I’d like more sleep, who wouldn’t, but in comparison to what we were getting; this is bliss. All thanks to a wedge.


I’m still exclusively breastfeeding, with T feeding every 2-3 hours unless he’s out for the count on my chest or if we’re out and he’s asleep.

I’m also expressing at least once day when I find the time. I either express between the 2am/3am mark after a feed as the opposite boob to the one T’s fed on is often left engorged, or around 6am before T wakes for his 7am feed.

When I do find time to express I’m getting about 4-6oz a time. I’m quite pleased about this as I’m getting quite the stock in my freezer.


T is now properly smiling and not because he’s farted. Although there’s no pattern to his smiling, as in I can’t always guarantee a smile when I do a certain thing, he’s definitely smiling at us doing something.

The smiling is probably my favourite thing at the moment – it absolutely melts me. It finally feels like I’m getting something back, if that makes sense. It doesn’t seem all take take take on his part anymore. Of course parenting is rewarding in itself but to get a reaction back from your baby because you did something is so magical and a real reward.

It’s now getting into our summer months which means longer walks in the evening and days on the beach, not to mention a nice time to start swimming now that he’s had his immunisations. I can’t wait.


12 thoughts on “2 Month Update

  1. Becca says:

    And what a sweet smile it is! It’s amazing how much they change in a few months. Taking those monthly photos get progressively harder as they approach 1 year, but they are so worth it to document this time.

    • lesbemums says:

      Definitely. I have trouble filling in his red book, let alone take photos. I am trying though as it’s worth it when you see the changes.

  2. Lauren | Belle du Brighton says:

    He is a lovely little dude! We should have a ‘play date’ (aka we eat cake and they can smile randomly at each other!)
    95 percentile means that if 100 babies born on the same were lined up in order of height/weight then he would be 95th in the line. That’s how my health visitor explained it to me anyway! Athena has always been 95th for height and 79th for weight… arlo a little lower!

    Thanks heaps for linking up!

    • lesbemums says:

      That sounds great – I’d love that.

      That makes total sense. T is actually 91st for head and length, and 95th for weight. Typical. Little chunk.

      No worries re linky. I need to do it more often. It helps bloggers out and encourages me to blog. Plus, it gives me ideas on what to write. I hope I did everything right, unfortunately I’m on my phone so can’t do much in regards to hyperlinks/html. X

  3. icegemz says:

    Sounds like you’re doing so well with his sleeping, you’ve cracked that really early!
    Our bambino is on the 95th or weight and 99th for height, he’s going to be so tall! He dwarfs the other babies his age, but I love that he’s a chunk, I don’t ever worry about him!
    And that smile is just gorgeous, those random sweet smiles mean so much, I still melt every time! X

  4. AndiePants says:

    Someone told me the smiles are evolution’s gift to us for making it through the sleepless nights! T is a little gem!

  5. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama says:

    When they first start sleeping those 4-5 hour stretches, it is absolutely GLORIOUS!!! Just when you think you can’t take the lack of sleep anymore, they sleep those 4 hours. And his smile is just to die for…so darn cute!

    • lesbemums says:

      Exactly! After 4 hours, it feels like I’m back to normal again. It’s bliss. I won’t know what to do when he’s sleeping through the night!!

  6. snowingindoors says:

    I love his little smile, what a cutie! Ez Bear always liked sleeping at an angle, in fact he only stopped about 3 months ago because he moved into a full size bed and I couldn’t wedge books under the feet safely anymore.

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