up to and including the present or the time mentioned; even now (or then) as formerly.

synonyms: up to this time, up to the present time, until now, even now, yet

I don’t often rant or mind dump, but the word “still” is currently becoming the bane of my life, especially now that I’ve been back to work a few times.

Are you STILL breastfeeding?

Are you STILL doing Baby Led Weaning?

Is T STILL sleeping through?

I don’t understand why there’s this need to ask whether a parent or baby is STILL doing a particular thing? Especially when that thing is something so obviously constant; such as eating! For me, it implies that there’s an expected expiry to that particular activity, and neither me or T have reached it yet. No?

When you change the context, the word sounds ridiculous when attached to other questions. Are you STILL going to work? Are you STILL taking showers? Are you STILL eating meat? The list is endless and no matter what you attach it to, adding the word “still” sounds like you should have stopped doing whatever it was by now. Ask yourself one of those questions. How do you answer? I can bet for at least one of those questions you answered; “yes, why wouldn’t I?” And therefore it’s the same for when someone asks me whether I’m still breastfeeding T, or giving him solid food, or whether he’s sleeping through.

The answer to the last one is “not anymore”, but who cares anyway?
Maybe I’m being overly sensitive.

By all means ask “HOW” the breastfeeding is going, “HOW” the BLW is going, “HOW” T is sleeping; but not “STILL”.

Does this bother you? What activities have you been asked about and whether you’re STILL doing them?


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2 thoughts on ““Still”

  1. Farmerswifeamummy says:

    Yes it annoys me too. You should reply are you still breathing? Ha ha ha
    The other one that annoys me is ‘only’. She only has 1 child, only works part time, only likes yellow smarties. Still and only are the put down of the English language.
    Good lord I’ve ranted in your comments

    • Kate Everall says:

      Yes! “Only”. That’s a good one. It belittles everything. Someone else mentioned “should” this morning as another word that should be banned.

      Rant away!

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