Why We Need to STOP Genderizing Kids Clothes. 

Why We Need to STOP Genderizing Kids Clothes. 

This week, news broke that John Lewis made drastic changes to the way they label their kids clothes. A store that once housed segregated racks of pinks and blues labelled as ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ now boasts an array of clothes just labelled as ‘Boys & Girls’. Together. As one. The first UK retailer to do this. This.

Pet Peeves Since Becoming a Parent

I admit that I don’t deal with sudden change well. For example, if someone cancels on us suddenly, my brain goes into overdrive. Therefore, becoming a parent probably wasn’t my smartest move as a sudden change in bowel movements can hinder a day completely. Nevertheless, I’m slowly learning to get on with things and take change

Thinking of the Positives. 

Last Saturday I broke my fifth metatarsal getting undressed. That’s right. I wasn’t drunk. I wasn’t trying to do anything else at the same time. I was just getting undressed. Trying to take my jeans off I clipped my foot and in between that and landing on said foot I heard a snap. Like a lolly


adverb 1. up to and including the present or the time mentioned; even now (or then) as formerly. synonyms: up to this time, up to the present time, until now, even now, yet I don’t often rant or mind dump, but the word “still” is currently becoming the bane of my life, especially now that

No Bressure

When I was at my post natal class last week, the health visitor asked all of us how we’d react to a mum in crisis. She asked what we’d say to another mum if they were having a down day or if they were doubting themselves. As expected, in response, all of us gave supportive

10 Things I Won’t Miss About Pregnancy

Overall, I’ve enjoyed the Pregnancy. It’s an experience like no other and it really does challenge you mentally and physically. However, it goes without saying that regardless of this, there have still been some experiences I won’t miss… SPD & Back Pain – This, by far, is my biggest pregnancy gripe. My back and later