10 Things I Won’t Miss About Pregnancy

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Kate Everall

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  1. littlerainbowbug says:

    This is great. Hopefully it is validating to hear that I found that I actually got more sleep after the baby was born than I got during the 3rd trimester, even with feeding every two hours all night. That last trimester is so hard on sleep!

    1. Definitely! I go to bed tired but can’t sleep, and then end up waking up early? It’s rubbish!

    2. Agreed. You feel better rested and all the aches and pains are gone.

  2. This is reminding me of how miserable pregnancy can be! Yes, it’s a miracle and yes, it’s an honour. But damnit some things about it just suck! PS – the exhaustion from your baby being here is far better than pregnancy insomnia/exhaustion. It’s just easier to handle when it’s your wee baby causing it.

    1. Thanks, lovely. I really don’t like complaining as I wanted this, but it’s hard not to, Y’know?

      I’m glad someone can see my logic. I know I’ll definitely be able to sleep a lot easier (when I get the chance) once baby is here. X

  3. Tell you what I know so many women who tell me how wonderful pregnancy was and I have turned around to all of them and said “really? I hated being pregnant!” Stress, pain, aches, leaks, stupid people…
    It’s good to be honest! Even though it’s something we desperately wanted it doesn’t mean we have to sail about serenely revelling in the beauty that is pregnancy. It’s hard work and everyone is always glad when it is over!!!

    1. Exactly! I sometimes feel guilty complaining as I know others who are still TTC and we knew what it was all about, but at the same time pregnancy IS hard – and I’m not going to go through it tra la la and like you said, all serenely like its a walk in the park (I really miss walking in the park. lol). It really takes a toll on your body.

      With all that in mind, I’d still do it all over again, so I can’t have suffered THAT much. lol.

      I’ve enjoyed the experience, but I’m definitely looking forward to the end result and getting back into shape. X

      1. Our bambino is six months now and I started feeling broody yesterday… I must be mad! Pregnancy and birth were no fun but I keep on seeing these tiny bundles of baby at our local children’s centre and I just melt! Babies are amazing! My one early days tip is to video them lots, it’s incredible how quick you look at them and think I have no idea how little you were! X

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