An Invitation to Questions

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  1. I got the RUDEST comments and questions from people during my pregnancy. I certainly don’t miss that aspect of it!

    1. I just don’t know what some people think? I also don’t know why pregnancy invites odd behaviour from other people, y’know?

  2. That sounds obnoxious.

    1. Which bit? lol

      1. The strangers, although you can always reply back to them “excuse me, do I know you?” I guess dealing with your coworkers asking very personal questions is worse since you can’t really brush them off curtly.

        1. Exactly. With co-workers, i tend to find giving a neutral, nonchelant answer tends to help and sometimes make then feel a little awkward. I just worry im being too sensitive sometimes.

          1. You’re not at all. If someone came up to nonpregnant women and ask half of those questions they’d end up with a restraining order.

          2. Hahaha. True.

  3. littlerainbowbug says:

    Two weirdest/most inappropriate questions I experienced:
    1) the guy who was finishing our floor asked my wife how I got pregnant.
    2) the pediatrician doing the first check of the Bug, when I was in the bathroom, asked my wife first if I was a surrogate, then if we had used a donor. Best part of that one was that our donor was standing right there. We make fun of her to this day.

    1. Omg!! Thats awful. At least i know most of the people who ask me stupid questions. Yours sound awful – how on earth did you answer?

      1. littlerainbowbug says:

        I actually don’t remember what my wife told the for guy. I should ask her. She told the pediatrician yes. Very slowly. And we came up with a way too answer in the future: “why no, when you love each other very much, that’s how babies are made!”

        1. Ha! We started explaining the birds and the bees when a few people asked us “how it works” with us. When they then laughed and said “you know what i mean” id get quite arsey and say “no, i dont, it works the same for us… You do the math!”

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