A Letter to T After His First Week of School

A Letter to T After His First Week of School

My Dearest, This week, you started on the biggest journey of your life so far; School. It’s an incredibly exciting time for you – something you keep reminding me – you’re finally going into “Big Kid” school! You’re no longer my baby – something else you tell me on a weekly basis – but instead a

A Letter to Andrea Leadsom from a Two Mum Family.

Dear Andrea Leadsom, I’m still angry. Just like the contagion you compared me and my family to, your rancid words are still flowing through my veins. I would have written to you sooner, but the rage that spilled from my heart stopped the words from flowing. It burned like lava. Besides, someone else wrote it

My Son… Thank You

My Dearest, As you snuggle deeper into my arms for what feels like the last time I want to take this time to thank you. To thank you for the most amazing year. It’s been incredible.  Part of me knew it would be, I’ve been waiting for you for so long, but the other part

You Could Have Told Me!

T, We need to have words. Over the past 5 and a bit months (I’m past trying to work it out by weeks now) we’ve been through some really good times. Well-timed times. The ones that make people call you an “easy” baby. Like, when you’re cute and flirty with visitors but then crabby when

Dear My Teething Terror. 

My Dearest, We’ve had a rough week. Admit it. We’re not friends. I can tell as you’ve barely smiled at me, let alone chuckled. Smiles seem to be reserved for mumma, and giggles for nana. You’re suffering from teething pain, I know, and nothing seems to be quite hitting the spot. We have everything from

A Letter to Sharon and Kate 2 Years Ago

Hello Ladies, Kate here! I thought I’d write to you as a loving hand from the future. Right about now you’re feeling pretty lousy. You’ve just had your 8th BFN. You’re feeling like this whole TTC malarkey is never going to work for you. You feel like you’re never going to have your family. But