A Letter to T (One Month)

A Letter to T (One Month)

To My Beautiful Son, A month has now passed since you arrived into our world – I still can’t believe you’re here and that you’re ours. We’re so used to being the ‘aunties’ and having to give children back. Every day I look at you and wonder how you came to be. Your beautiful eyes,

Living With a Nightmare – An Open Letter to my Wife. 

Sharon, Over the past two weeks I have been living with a nightmare. It’s not you, it’s not T, it’s me. I’ve been a royal pain in the backside – not just for you, but for me. I’ve been stressing myself out over the smallest of things; such as getting the washing done and making

A Letter to Beansprout.

To my baby Beansprout, On Wednesday, we saw you for the last time before you arrive in this world properly. It was amazing, it was special, you are so beautiful. I know I’m biased but you really are – I will never stop telling you that. In the two times we’ve seen you (not enough

A Letter To… My Ovaries.

Dear Ovaries, I am writing to you to make a formal complaint. The reason for my complaint is because I was relying on you to come through the other day. You know, the day after we pumped you with sperm at the same time you told us your eggs would be good and ready to