A Letter to T (One Month)

To My Beautiful Son,

A month has now passed since you arrived into our world – I still can’t believe you’re here and that you’re ours. We’re so used to being the ‘aunties’ and having to give children back.

Every day I look at you and wonder how you came to be. Your beautiful eyes, that are now open almost all day taking everything in. Your tiny hands, that like to hold onto a finger of mine when you’re feeding. Your cute feet, that are so incredibly ticklish. I wake up every day, thankful to have you in our lives.

Although I’m cherishing every moment where you’re so tiny, I also can’t wait to watch you develop into a little human being with your own personality.

We love you so very very much and there’s not a single thing we wouldn’t do for you.

Happy one month, darling.

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