In The Garden With Nana

In The Garden With Nana

My mum was made to be a nan. She was always telling my sister and I that she “couldn’t wait” to be a nan but very quickly told us she obviously could (we were teenage girls after all). So when my nephew came along one November, out came the knitting needles. There were jumpers, toys,


I’m currently 24w4d. I go on Christmas leave on the 18th December (just under two weeks to go!!!) and return to work on the 6th January, at which point I will have around 7-8 weeks until I go off on maternity leave for a year. I apparently have around 15w to go until beansprout makes

1 Year On…

It saddens me to realize that we are coming up to a year from when we first started trying for a baby, and we still don’t have a baby. Although we have only really had 6 “successful” tries, by this I mean when D has shown up at the right time of my cycle, we

1st Anniversary….and more

I sit here writing this post, looking back at how much our lives have changed in the last few years. A year ago, I had the amazing privilege of marrying K (after only 5 months of planning).  We had always planned to get married and had been engaged for 3 years, but it really wasn’t

Looking forward.

Continuing my trend of always being fashionably late I thought I would take this opportunity now to write about what occurred over the past 12 months as well as what we have to look forward to. Most professional bloggers would have done this on the 31st or even the 1st. But as usual, I leave

Phoebe and Monica

I’ve always been astounded by the way in which life is created… Not the physical way but the general way. How something so intricate is grown inside of someone using very little ingredients. How something so delicate and fragile is strong enough to go through the journey of birth without a bump or a scratch.