Phoebe and Monica

I’ve always been astounded by the way in which life is created… Not the physical way but the general way. How something so intricate is grown inside of someone using very little ingredients. How something so delicate and fragile is strong enough to go through the journey of birth without a bump or a scratch.

I’m also astounded later on in life, whilst they’re growing, and how they begin to walk and talk without physically being taught. How they makes choices on their own as well as decisions. It really is amazing.

Within this month I have watched M grow and already I can see him telling my sister what he needs (although his needs are very basic, they’re still needs) and what he does and doesn’t like. (Apparently he cries every time Britney Spears comes on the radio). It is clear on his face when my sister comes into the room and likewise the changes in cries depending on what is wrong. Who knew that something that has no idea what is going on around them can automatically change their cry to tell their mum what they want – no-one taught them that!


With this in mind, I have seen my sister take to parenting like a duck to water; not that I had any doubts, but my sister has always been my little baby sister and not a proper grown up. She has always been the one out partying, shopping or floating though life on a cloud without a care in the world. If you think of Phoebe from Friends, THAT is my sister down to a T (whereas I am more a Monica). To now see her with a child has certainly changed my opinion of her (in a good way, of course).

When I found out she was pregnant I thought “This is going to be interesting” but when M arrived I was completely taken back by now natural she was; as if she was made to be a mum. She is happy to sniff M’s bum and accept that gooey milk will get spat out, and that poo and wee can fly! The sister I knew many years ago would have happily coo’d over a baby and loved the thought of dressing one up but she would have run a mile from any of the nasty bits that they don’t advertise. Words cannot describe how I am so very very proud of her not just as a new mum but as my sister.

As mentioned in our previous posts I was never really a maternal person, however over the past few years the feelings have changed and now M is in the world the feelings towards becoming a mum have grown stronger. I cannot wait to be a mum but now that my sister has set the bar in regards to pregnancy, birth and motherhood I am wary as to how I will take to it. With any luck, I will be similar to my sister and have a pleasant pregnancy and semi-comfortable birth but knowing the law of sod I will be the complete opposite.

I would be lying if I were to say I wasn’t scared but then there would be something very wrong if I wasn’t scared.


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