1st Anniversary….and more

I sit here writing this post, looking back at how much our lives have changed in the last few years.

A year ago, I had the amazing privilege of marrying K (after only 5 months of planning)

We had always planned to get married and had been engaged for 3 years, but it really wasn’t until K and I decided now was the right time to start a family, that we put any real effort into it.

K had always wanted a BIG, no expense spared wedding.  Sadly it was not to be quite as she had pictured.  Don’t get me wrong, after everything, it still was, and everyone had a great time.

Wedding Collage

Since our special day, our lives have been on the verge of insane.  The start of the TTC process commenced shortly after the wedding.  We had our ups and downs with the original donor read post, and had to start our search again.  We found our new donor, but that hasn’t been plain sailing either.

We’ve also had a litter of kittens born to us (well Squidge did), had an amazing 1st holiday with our nephew M in Cornwall, some family bereavement, and finally we’ve had to move house, increasing our expenses.

Kittens  Holiday


K and I vowed not to go overboard for each other as we are trying to save. We agreed only on taking each other out for a meal.

K’s plan was for breakfast – we love the occasional Frankie & Benny breakfast, so she planned and booked that.  I on the other hand wanted to take her out to our favourite Italian restaurant.   We also decided to start a tradition where by we order a smaller version of our wedding cake each year.

So that was it. The anniversary sorted.  No cards, no flowers, no chocolates – Nothing other than a nice chilled out day where our diet could go out the window – Perfect.

Sadly neither of us are this restrained, both bought cards (we have a thing, or at least K does, where she writes overly sentimental verses in the card in an effort to make me cry, and to see how quickly she can make the waterworks happen), and we both splashed out on flowers, and now our house smells and looks like you are walking into a funeral parlour.

 The Breakfast – In the words of Janice –  OH MY GAWD!!

Breakfast was amazing, sitting in an American style diner, on a cold autumn morning, whilst you can hear the waves crashing against the Marina walls, with 60’s tunes playing from the jukebox.

The waiter handed us the menu.  No word of a lie, it took the best part of 20 minutes to narrow the choices down.  Finally we chose what was to be the breakfast to beat all other breakfasts EVER, and whilst waiting for the mammoth meals to come out we reminisced over our lives together.


After breakfast had finished and we could finally walk out of the restaurant, we decided to take a little walk around the Marina before heading home.

Now still being on a diet (although we were planning for it to go out of the window), we decided not to eat lunch to save room for dinner.  This failed miserably as we could hear it calling us from the kitchen, we decided to have a fat slice of CAKE.

Cake : Day

The rest of the day ended up with us messing around playing on the Xbox on Guitar Hero World Tour (mainly because Kate finds it hilarious making me play the drums on ridiculously hard songs).

Finally it was time to get ready for dinner, and head on out.  We arrived at the amazing restaurant, which luckily for us is only a 10 minute walk from our house.

A tiny restaurant which has only 6 -10 tables and can only fit a maximum of around 20 people in at anyone time. It has an amazing atmosphere, lovely waiting staff, and at the same time is very reasonably priced. (if you live in or around the area of Newhaven, East Sussex, you have to try it www.padelladoro.co.uk )

The menu may be basic, but the quality of the food is out of this world.


After completing our meal, we left the restaurant, leisurely strolled home, snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket and the dog, and I fell asleep.   A perfect end to a perfect day.

I’m so lucky that I met this amazing woman.  My life has truly never been the same since we first met back all those years ago.  She is my best friend & my soulmate, and I never want to go a day without knowing she’ll always be by my side.


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  1. Marcela says:

    Congratulations, Cynthia and I have been a couple for a little over 17 years, and we’ll be tying the knot next year. Can’t wait:) We wish you happiness, love, prosperity, and peace.

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