GumiGem Bubba Bag Teething Toys - Review -

AndiePants says:

Those are so cute! A still doesn’t have any teeth coming in but he has gotten way more into teethers so I expect it’s around the corner!

lesbemums says:

I’d definitely grab something – I was hoping he’d be a bit older before teeth but alas, no. Although we didn’t have many problems before they popped, he’s making up for it tenfold now. Very cranky. Not a happy baby. Good luck!! X

This is such a cute little set! We’re 99% positive Aria is teething, she has been displaying the signs for months but has recently been crying for no reason which isn’t like her, and chewing on mid air a lot!
I’ve just given her some Ashton & Parsons at bedtime because she would not settle!

lesbemums says:

I know, right. It’s lovely!

That’s exactly what T was like. Lots of dribble and grizzly behaviour beforehand and bad moods afterwards. We’ve been using Nelson’s teething granuals and Dentinox teething gel. They’re both really good. Nelson’s use camomile so it’s calming as well. Good luck!

Those are so awesome!!! I’m gonna have to look these up and see if they have them here in the US..our boys would love them, and as an ex union carpenter, this is right up Mamas alley!

lesbemums says:

They’re brilliant. If you can’t get a hold of them I can always get them and ship them out to you. X

How cute is this little teething set, I love all the different tools that are included

lesbemums says:

They’re really good – each toy served a different part of the mouth depending on how T used it. We were really impressed!

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