Playtime with Wicked Uncle [AD – Review]

Just when we think T has enough toys we suddenly realise he doesn’t. It’s not the physical number that isn’t enough, it’s the sheer speed of T’s evolving brain that it seems we can’t keep up with, meaning his current collection of toys often get shoved to the bottom of the basket or completed within seconds.

Sure, we’ve evolved some of his toys into new learning tools (stacking rings are now ways we can identify colours, for example) or rotated his toys so that after a few weeks his old toys get forgotten ready for a refresh a few weeks later, but even after all that there are still a few toys that just aren’t pushing the toddler buttons.

In addition to this, we have also found that despite forking out a far bit of cash some toys just aren’t as hardwearing as had hoped. So when Wicked Uncle invited T to test out a few of their toys we were over the moon and gleefully agreed.

Got serious toy envy today.

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Wicked Uncle are an online toy shop with a variety of toys separated into thirteen categories, these include Adventurer, Brainiac, Outdoorsy, and Creativity. There is the option to choose toys based on gender, but we found that a lot of their toys blended across both sections anyway – perhaps they’ll remove this option soon seeing as toys are just toys.

Here’s what we chose:

Vehicle Sound blocks (rrp £12.95)

This vehicle sound block by Melissa & Doug is probably T’s favourite purchase (and ours!). Made out of solid wood, simply match the two halves of a vehicle together to make the sound of the vehicle. T’s favourite vehicle is the train, so this is regularly played in our house!

The science behind it is actually pretty cool. Using the small buttons on each side of the cubes, when each picture is put together and placed on the base the correlating button on the opposite side matches with a specific circuit creating the unique sound. I love it.

tub tunes (rrp £11.95)

T has always loved bath time, with boats and bottles being his favourite toys, but more recently he’s started to enjoy making sounds in the bath thanks to the echoes he can make. These Tub Tunes whistles are the perfect addition.

Simply fill the body of the flute up with water and you have a specific notes! The flutes can be played together using a clever piece of foam, or played separately liked the pied piper .

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For your older children, fill the body of the flute up to a specific shape (circles or squares) or a certain section of notes and you can follow the song sheets that come with with flutes! Sharon even had fun with this and was still caught playing with them despite the fact that bath time had finished 15 minutes ago.

Magnetic stacking rocket (rrp £16.95)

I LOVE this toy! Although it’s very simple, it is perfect for outings when you need a little something to distract your toddler. Made of solid wood, simply stack the pieces together to make a very cute and colourful rocket with spinning propeller.

The little magnets in the wood keep the rocket together so your little one can zoom zoom around the room but without ruining the fun of stacking it all over again. The little person in the rocket is a sweet addition and T has a habit of waving to him.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed testing out T’s new toys. They’re of wonderful quality and as a result I’m confident they will last a while in this house (mentally and physically!).

Wicked Uncle have a variety of toys on their website ranging from art and craft, to building and science. I have no doubt that we will be revisiting the shop closer to Christmas.

Did you know Wicked Uncle also has a USA website? Click here to find out more.”


We were sent £40 to spend at Wicked Uncle for the purpose of this review, however all thoughts and opinions are our own. 

3 thoughts on “Playtime with Wicked Uncle [AD – Review]

  1. BookBairn says:

    Wow! These look great! I really want that rocket – reminds me of Oliver Jeffer’s How to Catch a Star! Going to put it on BookBairn’s birthday list!

  2. Donna says:

    I love Wicked Uncle. Their product range is fantastic and they have such a great range of brands. We have that rocket and I know it’ll be a fixture in our home for YEARS! x

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