Getting Outdoors with Little Tikes: The Spinning Seas Water Table {Review}

Let’s face it, the weather in 2018 has been pretty poor so far. If there’s not a constant wall of rain, we’re having yellow warnings for snow in March! This time last year I was in shorts according to my Timehop!  I’m gutted that I have yet to enjoy my garden properly, as not only is it incredibly overgrown, but the weather is just too cold to stay out there for too long. Last year, I was on my third BBQ!

Last weekend, however, this golden ball of light appeared in the sky. So, I took advantage of it and cut the grass, tidied the garden, and made it more toddler friendly ready for the spring. Surprisingly, the good weather remained and upon returning from a day out for T’s birthday, we decided to spend a few hours in our garden.

I opened up the sandpit that Sharon built T last year and Sharon cracked open his new Water Table that the folks at Little Tikes had recently sent us to review. It was almost a year ago today that we were testing out the previous Water Table from Little Tikes: The Fountain Factory. It was (and still is) a fab little water table with lots of things to do, however as time has gone on, and the weather has dirtied the table somewhat, the table has started to look and feel a little tired. Therefore, we were looking forward to reviewing a different model in their expansive range!

Spinning Seas Water Table

The Spinning Seas Water Table is a new one for us, and there are several differences from the last model we reviewed. It boasts a sea blue base/table – which is a much better colour in comparison to the cream table when it comes to reducing stains, and there are no rubber pipes within the water features this time. Although easy to assemble, we found the rubber pipes from the last model a hindrance sometimes as they would often bend the wrong way causing blockages. The Spinning Seas Water Table, however, celebrates several water features that are simple to navigate and easy to use, with limited opportunity for blockage.


• Turn the Ferris wheel to scoop up and drop off balls.
• Shoot the balls into the water with the ball launcher.
• Turn the spinner to keep the water moving
• The balls have their own character.

Accessories Include:

* 1-Cup
* 5-Character balls
• Holds 7 gallons of water (not included!).

Whilst this does seem to be a more basic water table, I find the more fiddly a table is, the more chance there is of blockages and pieces coming apart. With this water table, I found that the water was easier to get through the table and the features were constantly moving. We certainly don’t need to do as much to get things spinning or rolling! I also loved how open the table is, meaning T could interact with the water as it fell through the spinners.


Assembly didn’t take Sharon as long this time as it’s not as fiddly this time round, although the central tower did take longer than expected to align. The plug also took some welly to secure, however on the plus side, the plug is a snug fit, meaning that leakage is limited if at all!

The parts simply click into place (as opposed to needing a screwdriver and screws) and took Sharon less than half an hour. In comparison to other tables, this is by far the quickest (and easiest one) yet. I’ve also noticed that this one feels a lot more sturdy and secure.

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In Use

Like the build, it didn’t take T long to grasp what was needed for certain parts to move, meaning he was quick to navigate around the table – immediately finding his favourite parts (the ferris wheel) to play with. Because there are less interactive parts with this table in comparison to our last one, I found there is now a lot more room to physically play with the water in the main table – which was great!

When T’s cousins or friends come to visit, I feel this table will give everyone an opportunity to play and get stuck in as there will be a lot more room and less elbow bashing. Plus, we also have the option to add extra toys or tools to the water! The attention to detail is also lovely with stars, waves, and shells engraved into the base for texture.

For the Parents

As with all the Little Tikes water tables, these are a great size for any garden big or small (I’ve even seen these tables fit on balconies!). We have a relatively small garden, but it fits nicely on our grassy area with room to move around still. They’re also a good height for children of all ages, and are built to be sturdy for those unsteady on their feet.

All accessories have a place on the table for easy storage, and there’s a nifty plug for easy drainage. It’s lightweight, and you can remove the legs for storage in the winter months (although during long term storage, I would recommend getting a cover of some sort or placing it upside down to reduce any gathering of dirty rainwater and/or leaves).

For me, I like how versatile the table is. Once dried out somewhat, there’s the option to use the table with sand if you so wish (although I can’t guarantee it won’t get messy!). They’re also really good value at £49.99. The fact that you’re welcome to use this as a sand table means you’re getting two tables for the price of one.

We were sent the ‘Spinning Seas’ Water Table for the purpose of an honest review, however all thoughts, opinions and imagery are our own.

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