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plutoniumsox says:

Great post, I think people will spot a marketing opportunity in anything. There are also those who try to be supportive but go about it all the wrong way, who really aren’t much better. I have to say I was really heartened to read about those companies that are getting it right though. And I LOVE what Paddy Power are doing!

Kate Everall says:

Exactly this. The more companies that get involved in raising awareness and making themselves visible within the community is brilliant in my eyes, but if their sole purpose is to make money off of that then that’s a hells no. Thanks for reading! x

JulieMartin says:

Hell yes. I love this post, it says what many of us think, but I couldn’t find the words to write. X

Kate Everall says:

Awww. Thank you so much. That’s really kind.

meemamas says:

Well put! I do think what Pride means can get a bit lost in amongst all of the corporate brands and I wonder a lot if what they’re giving is worth what they’re getting in return. It’s great that you highlighted where companies are going right, hope others learn from their example.

Kate Everall says:

Thanks for reading!

Exactly! A lot of brands are guilty of jumping on a bandwagon to fulfil a marketing gap, however they’re welcome to jump on as long as they’re giving back!

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