Thinking Outside the TTC Box.

So after the stress of our last cycle and finally getting a BFN after a rather delayed AF; which sent our hopes through the roof, S and I have painfully decided to start our TTC journey again next year. It’s really painful to say the words “next year” but it’s not that far away, and deep down it will probably benefit us to save more money away and relax for the remainder of the year (who are we kidding?).


After sacking our Donor, our roller coaster of a cycle apparently wasn’t over. We had had our insem; which we thought was too early, although our App was initially advising that I had actually ovulated only a day or so after the insem (eek!). Days went by, as well as the date AF was due to visit (EEK!!). I was preparing to test, as well as preparing in my head the message to D to notify him of a BFP but then it came… AF. A week late! I could have died.

It turns out the cold I had pushed everything forward. Despite having EWCM, I hadn’t actually ovulated. My body was just confused and was sending all sorts of mucus as well as keeping my BBT incredibly high. Once we edited the data on the app, it gave us the actual date of ovulation, and it was later… because of the cold. This means, AF wasn’t late if I were to count it in keeping with the actual ovulation. But counting it as part of my normal sequence, I was late. I was pretty much close to exploding.


As much as we would have loved to have got back on the baby-making horse after a disastrous few months, it’s unlikely that anyone would be available this side of the New Year. I know I know, it’s only November, but even if we started emailing Donors now, we still have to compensate for tests being done and contracts being signed, and who knows how long that would take. I certainly don’t want to rush it.

Likewise, we’ve got a busy few weeks coming up so why add the stress of searching for a Donor onto it? (I’ll tell you why, because we want a baby NOW). Besides, if I get knocked up now, I won’t be able to have my mountain of patè and cheese at Christmas.

So, for now, our time can be taken up by buying further Christmas decorations for the house that we don’t need, as well as spending way too much money on Christmas presents for each other.

Wish us luck!


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  1. Molly says:

    I’ve actually been wishing we had done the same thing. If it wasn’t for the clomid, we would cancel this cycle. The thought of it breaks my heart, but it would be nice to be able to enjoy the holidays (and wine) without this level of emotional burnout. Enjoy the time off. New year, new start!

    • lesbemums says:

      To be honest, if we were sat here in perhaps August then we would totally get back on the TTC horse but, knowing the NHS, tests and the like will take a while and it’s getting close to Christmas. I don’t know anyone who would want to start something like this close to Christmas, that’s our belief anyway, so we might as well not kid ourselves and just press pause until the new year.

      **Big hugs** remain positive. Apart from the clomid, how are you guys?


  2. AndiePants says:

    A forced break isnt ideal but it sounds like the best possible plan. Enjoy the treats of the season!

  3. Natasha says:

    I just started reading your Blog. We had a Partial Molar Pregnancy with our 2nd insemination and now have to wait a mandatory 6months before trying to conceive again. The desire to have a child was strong before we started this TTC journey but now it’s insanely stronger because we were 12weeks pregnant before we found out it the embryo stopped growing at 8weeks. There’s more of a urgency now and the 6 month break is weight very heavy on my heart. Keep up the will and regain your strength.

    • lesbemums says:

      Thanks for your message.

      I know what you mean, since deciding to have a baby it’s like an obsession, but I can’t do anything about it. It’s so frustrating.

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