Not A Great Start

Last week, were meant to have an insem as mentioned in our last post, however out of the blue I ovulated 2 days early.

As much as I’m always happy and reassured to see the smiley, welcoming face of the CB test, I wasn’t pleased when it arrived early. Like an eager guest, we were still setting up the party and it waltzed in expecting drinks and nibbles.

I’m usually spot on when it comes to ovulation, so I’m curious to know whether this is an effect of weight loss (anyone know?). I’ve probably just predicted things wrong, however with an app predicting things for you using your temparature – it’s pretty hard to get it wrong. Nevermind.

So with this, D was sadly unable able to make the new date which meant that any chances to do an insem this cycle were lost. This was frustrating as, by the looks of it, I was extremely fertile!

Not a great start, I know. Nevertheless, I will remain positive and take it as a chance to lose more weight as well as gather more data so that we can predict further dates.

At the moment, I’m currently entertaining AF (seems my whole cycle this month has come 2 days early) so when she’s buggered off I can start again.

Apologies for the lack of up-to-date updates – I promise I will get back into the swing of blogging. Thankfully, this was our only update, but I’m not happy that it was over a week late. Sorry.

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  1. AndiePants says:

    What day of your cycle do you usually ovulate? Eating healthier could definitely play a part in that! Would your donor be ok with giving him a ‘window’ vs. a firm date? That’s what we have tried to do, but I know it doesn’t work for everyone. Hope the next cycle is easy to predict!

    • lesbemums says:

      I usually ovulate between CD17-CD19 and TBH it was CD17 apparently, but my temps and fluids suggested otherwise, so we had arranged a visit for CD19 which is usually my strongest – but alas, no. A positive in CD17.
      I’m glad the weight loss is making a difference, I just wanted it to assist with the nest for spermies not my whole cycle!! Hopefully, it’ll sort itself out.

      We are trying to do the range of days, so that we get a shot at the start and another on the other side, but we haven’t been able to get D round which is annoying. We’re going to ask him to do this the next cycle, and if he can’t then I’m tempted to have a look for another one as well as I’m not sure he realises that he may have to drop things sometimes if he wants to commit. Anyway, rant over.

      Hope you guys are ok. Xx

  2. mrsandmrsttc says:

    Sorry to hear this, I know it’s incredibly frustrating when things happen out of the blue and set you back!… just remember everything happens for a reason and when it is meant to be, it will be 🙂 sending you lots of luck and ‘baby dust’ for the coming months 🙂 x

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