Several blogging award ceremonies are now upon us. Every year, we nominate and then vote for our favourite bloggers – sometimes spending hours on one category because the category has three of your favourite blogs in it. But where would we be without the little parenting lifesavers that have got us through the day so


Sleep has been a big talking point in our house. Even before T arrived we were losing sleep. From the third trimester I was losing it thanks to just being pregnant and S was losing it because we had a beansprout on the way. So when T arrived we were both pretty tired, but things

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Feeding On The Go

It’s hard enough learning how to breastfeed in the first few weeks without the thought of having to then do it outside. At home you have the comfort of being able to whip your boob out without wandering eyes. You don’t have to worry about what clothes to wear, where to sit, or even about

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Breast Pads

Thanks to Baby Shows and Bounty Packs, I’ve received my fair share of free nipple pads – not to mention boxes of them handed over from other mums (personally, I prefer chocolates). The amount I’ve received has meant I haven’t had to buy any, which is a good thing as I have no idea what

How Much???

Have you found that when buying necessities for your little one that it seems that the companies and shops are just out to screw you for money? They do, because they can! I, however, have decided to take a stand and bleed these companies dry of any savings they’re offering. I’m not an overly tight

Maternity Where? Part 2

For those of you that have eyes, you will know that I am not a feminine person. I don’t wear floral, I don’t do dresses. I don’t do leggings and I certainly don’t do dresses (I just want to make that bit clear). I look like something in drag if I wear a dress. So