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  1. Ugh, it’s so hard when our bodies don’t provide clear, easy to understand information. I am so totally right there with you.

    On the dipstick OPK front . . .the reason that a faint line does not equal a positive in the OPK world is that it is possible, and even rather common, to have LH in your system even when ovulation isn’t emminant. OPKs pick up that LH anytime it is present. However, when LH surges, ovulation is likely to occur soon after. Having the test line much darker than the control indicates this surge.

    On the other hand, HCG, the pregnancy hormone, is ONLY ever present during pregnancy. So, even a faint line indicates a positive because having any HCG indicates pregnancy.

    That said, I know a number of women who never get a true positive using the traditional dipstick OPKs. I do, and you can see what they look like here (if you’re curious):
    But, if the clearblue smiley faces work for you (ie: they are indicating an LH surge) then you should use those and scrap the dipsticks. Apparently, the CB is paying more attention to your specific levels of LH and can detect a surge in a different way. Sounds like a big job for a little stick, but it seems to be working for you.

    I’m hoping your shot – whenever it lands in your cycle – will be perfectly timed. Good luck!

    1. Oh yeah! Also – when are you testing? Apparently, the CB tests work with first morning urine, but the dipsticks need to be used later on in the day. Again, not sure why CB is different, but apparently LH needs time to build up and metabolize, and it can’t do so until after around 11am. Dilute urine can also cause an incorrect outcome.

      1. I’m testing at random times, although making sure I test at the same time as the last positive. I usually test between 9am and 10pm.

        Closer to ovulation I test 2-3 times a day and make sure my last drink was 2 hours ago so that its concentrated (this is more difficult when I’m working).

        I was told never to test in the morning as I need to get the chemicals flowing.

        Thanks again – you’re a star.

    2. Hi. Thanks for the reply.

      I knew that there was reasoning behind the lines and their quality but not to that extent. Thanks.

      I just wish that the info provided was more detailed, especially when other tests (such as clearblue) do things differently. It sure makes things difficult especially when your body takes it sweet ass time to tell you anything.

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