8 Month Update. 

It didn’t seem that long ago since I last updated you! Where is the time going?

T is now 8 months old.

Weighing in at a nice 21Ib 5oz he’s just left his current percentile but is still at a nice incline. With weaning, I was worried about weight gain both eating too much or eating too little (although food before 1 is “just for fun”). With BLW you don’t often know how much to offer as it either doesn’t get eaten or it gets thrown on the floor; however because of BLW you can just trust them to stop eating (when they do eat) when they’re full or start playing with the food, signifying they’re finished. This can be quite hard to gauge as T is quite the pig. T really enjoys food, often stuffing his face with all the flavours, but has issues swallowing and quickly gets frustrated with the food in his mouth. He is getting used to it, as he now has no issue a polishing off a portion of lasagne or foods that he once had difficulty with, but it’s hard to watch him get annoyed with food he hasn’t had practise with. Once he gets it, it really is fun watching him gum / chew the food and then swallow – not to mention see it appear at the other end a few days later!

T’s favourite foods are brocolli, sweet potato, and pears. He’s also partial to the occasional banana but I have to monitor how many of these he has in a week! He’d murder me for my toast and don’t get me started on his reaction when someone has Greek yogurt!

T is a really funny little boy now. There are looks in his eyes that give you an impression about what he’s thinking.

He’s usually being sneaky, grabbing everything nearby (and putting it in his mouth!) so you have to preempt what he’s thinking (and doing). He knows what he likes and doesn’t like. He loves a game that involves suspense, especially if it leads to a tickle, but hates getting dressed in the morning.

We’re still really busy during the week which is nice. We still have a baby group on a Tuesday, and Swimming on a Wednesday. On top of this I try and get to the local library once a fortnight and his nanas once a week. I really want him to be a social baby, especially as he’s off to nursery in April *sobs*.

Finally, we’re really looking forward to our first Christmas as a family. S has a ton of time off so we’re looking forward to shutting the door and vegging out together until the new year.

We’re hoping over Christmas T will start moving as at the moment there’s nothing, which is getting a little frustrating. I know, I know, I will curse the day he starts moving but it’s hard not to worry or feel a little jealous when babies the same age or even younger are crawling or at least rolling! T just sits. Happily sits, mind you, but that’s it. Maybe if I put a snack out further than arms reach he’ll go for it.


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