Organising a Nursery with OCD

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Kate Everall

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  1. I think I have muld OCD tendencies. Your rhoughts on categorising the one-sies tings very familiar. My mum and I were aorting what clothes I have recently and it was doing my head in. She was trying to do rough piles, I don’t do rough piles! My thoughts on your sorting is A. Very nice 🙂 B. put the 2-4 into the 0-3 as otherwise baby might not fit it by the time you get to use it. If it wont fit in those piles, put it adjacent to it – perhaps even with a note pinned on top saying 2-4mths so your baby addled brain doesn’t miss it!

    1. Thank you hun. The other trouble with baby clothes is that some shops can be over or under with their generosity in sizing. One baby grow we have is clearly a tiny (very tiny) baby but it says its 2-4! Madness! Thankfully, ive tricked my brain into not worrying about sizes vs. what the actual size should be. Lol.

  2. Argh – sorry about typos. On my phone at 6.30am.

  3. Belle Schneider says:

    It’s exciting to read about these final preparation, OCD or not! My wife has what I would call “organizational obsession,” but not necessarily OCD. When we get to the end of her pregnancy (hopefully), there is going to be a lot of work to do to get the room ready. She is already worried about it and she is only 8 weeks. She actually wants us to move ALL of the rooms in the house around to accommodate her “vision.” I appreciated the post. If you get a chance, check out our blog:

    1. Time certainly does fly. We managed to pick up little bits here and there when we saw deals. It helped us greatly as we didnt have to then do a massive shop later on. Plus, we did a lot of it online – people would have annoyed me. Lol.

      Moving the house around? Yikes! I can understand what she may be going through, especially wanting to nest. I’d happily empty and reorganise drawers and cupboards if i could but i just dont have the patience. Lol

      I think i already follow but ill have a look. Thanks!

  4. TheChroniclesofaNonBellyMama says:

    I feel your pain!!! This has been the hardest thing for callie and i to do because i have OCD and she is what i call a baby hoarder! But i think youre right. Once you startbto focus on the baby, some of those things go away. Like i dont have to color coordinate the closet! I dont have to put the socks in a separate bin and the book shelf doesnt have to be caddycorner at 8inches from the peak of the wall on each side! YES! That kind of OCD. We havent been bome from hospital yet, but i have a feeling im gonna have to relinquish some of my control issues because im pretty sure making sure the cups in my cupboard are in size order isnt going to compete with macho and bubba getting fed!

    1. Thank god. I was beginning to think i was alone! Doesnt it drive you potty?

      Ive had to put everything in the closet in age order and then colour. It looks great but took ages. We’ve even bought these closet dividers to put between the ages.
      Our shelving looks like something from a store. Books are in size order, but im tempted to go alphabetical once we get more books. Lol.

      Congratulations again – im sure once your little ones get moving, the organisation will stop. Lol. I hope so anyway.

  5. beginningfromthestart says:

    Sea has (diagnosed) OCD, which was definitely observable when we planned Bingo’s nursery. Our drawers looked much like yours! That said, the realities of having a small, all consuming, small person have completely shifted both of our standards and increased Sea’s ability to let things go. Now we mostly just aim for clean.

    1. Im thinking this is what’s going to happen to me when little one arrives… I hope anyway – I think id exhaust myself trying to be this organised! Im hoping my brain will just accept clean and tidy like yourself.

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