Having Fun With The Bump

We are at that stage in the pregnancy where it seems that beansprout is definitely interacting with us.

Since about week 18 we have felt movements from the little one, but gradually over the following weeks those movements have increased from tiny little flutters that only K could feel to what can only be described as a scene from Alien.  Her whole belly now moves. Sometimes it’s a limb moving across the stomach or it’s her whole belly jolting.

I thought it was great fun before, sitting there waiting with baited breath for the next kick to appear, but now it’s even better! Beansprout reacts to when we make a noise or draw patterns on the bump using our fingers, which means we can see/feel them almost, whenever we want to.

IMG_6331My favourite thing at the moment is blowing raspberry’s on K’s bump, as (normally) it gets an almost instantaneous reaction from him/her.  Go ahead, try it – it might take a few attempts, but the reaction is worth it.

Have you got any tips or tricks you found got your baby to play?


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    • lesbemums says:

      That’s amazing! The kicks are certainly the best bit.

      K still gets the occasional kick but it’s more just a “scraping” movement where an elbow or foot grinds/slides under the bump, creating a big lump moving across the belly, as baby is running out of room.

      Hiccups are cute too!

  1. Rachael says:

    Kim used to talk to Punky in my belly button. She said it was the microphone to the baby. Also, it was fun for Kim to play “Hide and Seek” with Punky. She would tap my belly on one side and you could see the baby move from one side to another and tap the exact spot Kim did. It was ridiculous and cute at the same time! 😛

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