K’s Birth Story

K’s Birth Story

I guess the story begins at 9am on 7th April when I went into the hospital for an induction via a Pessary. By this time I was just under two weeks late. I had already been seen by a midwife the week before for a sweep, but apparently my cervix was too high and she

Coming Soon…

Blog posts… Coming soon. Honest! Over a week has passed since T was born and I really can’t remember what day it is most of the time, let alone what we’ve been up to – but we’re getting there. For now… Here’s T when he was a week old last Tuesday. K


So we kinda had a baby last night…   Please may we introduce you to Baby T. Born at 23:26 hours, weighing 8Ib7oz.  It was certainly an interesting build up beforehand, but that update will be arriving shortly. Full update, etc. to follow – just wanted to update you all.  We’re so in love.  K


It’s no shock that I’m overdue, most first babies are. But when you’re told that you could possibly have your baby from 37w (full gestation), you kinda start to prepare yourself for the arrival at any moment. It’s been 3 weeks since 37w and I feel no closer to seeing this baby than I did

Hospital Bag(s)

I’ve probably packed and re-packed these bags half a dozen times, and even after packing them for what I think is the last time, I still panic that I haven’t got everything and unpack it again. You can find lots of help online as to what to take, but here’s what our bags look like:- My