40w4d -

wtfovaries says:

I hope you go into labor before Friday!!! Fingers crossed for you!

Let go little baby! We’re all waiting for you! Hope it happens sooner than later!

AndiePants says:

I hope that baby is on their way down and out! Sending you good labor vibes!

lesbemums says:

Thanks, lovely. We hope so too! Hope you’re all well. X

Come on Baby, I went into Labour on my due date, I willed her out but then she took 40 hours anyway so enjoy the rest and I wish you positive labour, breathe, stay calm and cherish every minute even the labour.



icegemz says:

Good luck! Sweeps aren’t too bad (I had about 4… Bambino was determined to stay forever!) fingers crossed you get going naturally. I was induced at 41 weeks after weeks of early labour… I did blog about it but it’s not a sugary-sweet lovely birth story so maybe don’t read it if you’re anxious!
Sending good baby vibes your way. Remember labour is just a means to an end, it’s just one day and however well (or not so well) it goes, all it means is your family will be together at last!

lesbemums says:

Thanks, lovely. This is really nice. Can’t believe you had 4 sweeps! I thought women who had 2 had a tough ride!

Re labour, that’s what I keep telling myself. It will end, and I’ll have a baby by the end of it. X

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