Hospital Bag(s)

I’ve probably packed and re-packed these bags half a dozen times, and even after packing them for what I think is the last time, I still panic that I haven’t got everything and unpack it again.

You can find lots of help online as to what to take, but here’s what our bags look like:-

My Bag

My Hospital Bag

1) Baggy T-Shirt and Shorts
Although I’ll be wearing my normal clothes to the hospital, as well as taking a change of clothes for when I go home, I thought it would be useful to have something more comfortable to change into and wear around the hospital for check ups, etc. I purposefully went and bought something new (and cheap) so that I didn’t have to throw anything I liked away.
2) Leggings
Again, something more comfortable to wear but more so incase I get cold / don’t want to wear shorts.
3) Underwear!
Mainly for when I go home.
4) Socks (Grip socks and a change of socks)
5) Nursing Bra
6) Slippers
Incase I want something warmer.
7) Disposable Pants
I’ve heard you need a lot of these…
8) Maternity Pads
As above…
9) Toiletries
My toiletry bag includes:
– Shampoo & Conditioner (you never know).
– Shower Gel (you never know).
– Flannel.
– Towel (not in picture).
– Hair Product.
– Hair Brush.
– Toothbrush & Toothpaste.
– Moist/Clean fresh wipes
– Anti-Bac Gel.
– Tissues.
– Fan.
10) Breast Pads
See 7 & 8 – I’ve decided to grab all the freebie ones I’ve received in Bounty Packs and from Baby Shows. This means I a) don’t have to open or take a new box and b) they’re pretty sterile already.

Baby’s Bag

Baby's Bag

1) Nappy Bags.
2) Sensitive Wipes.
3) Nappies.
4) Vests in varying sizes.
5) Mittens, Booties/Socks, and Hat (incase it’s cold).
6) Going home outfit which can be amended depending on weather.
7) Muslins (not in photo).
8) Blanket for going home (not in photo as S was still deciding which one!)
9) Our Snugglbundl (not in photo as last minute grab).

S’s Bag / Misc Bag

1) Books.
2) iPad.

3) iPod.
4) Chargers for said electronics.
5) Speaker for iPod.
6) Camera

7) Colouring Books and Pens/Pencils (you never know!)
8) Food (I know S won’t eat if she has to stay with me at the hospital; and hospital cafes are extortionate, so even though these are provisions for me, I based these to feed S as well)
– 2 x soft drinks
– 2 x Glucose based drink for energy (Lucozade)
– Bottled water (with straw style cap for easy drinking) 
– Mini Cheddars (was thinking of something small but filling, but not too greasy).
– Jaffa Cakes (as above).
– Skittles.
– Boiled Sweets.
9) Neck Cushion for S.
10) Pregnancy Pillow for me.
11) Hoodie.

We’ve probably packed way too much, but going on a couple of other blogs of recent; where ladies have had to stay in for days, I’m not taking any chances! Hopefully, by packing so much, it’ll mean I’m in and out in a jiffy.

Finally, don’t forget the car/seat! Most hospitals won’t let you leave until they’ve seen you with the car seat – some even come out and check it’s been installed correctly.

Am I missing anything? If you have any other hints and tips re what to pack in the hospital bag(s), let us know!


0 thoughts on “Hospital Bag(s)

  1. g2the4thpower says:

    Lol you’re set! Unless you live hours away from your hospital, I’m sure someone will be able to pick up what you need. Mine came 31 days early and we hadn’t packed a bag OR done the hospital tour yet (that part is way more important than the bag, in my opinion… We knew nothing about their protocols for premature babies). You’ll be fine! 🙂

  2. Lindsay says:

    You’re prepared! Isn’t is so fun to prep for baby’s arrival, knowing those little clothes you fold over and over again will soon be touching the skin of your brand new love.

  3. Becster says:

    I reckon you’ve covered everything there! Although if you’ve missed anything pretty sure someone would be kind enough to fetch it for you!

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