Hospital Bag(s)

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Kate Everall

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  1. g2the4thpower says:

    Lol you’re set! Unless you live hours away from your hospital, I’m sure someone will be able to pick up what you need. Mine came 31 days early and we hadn’t packed a bag OR done the hospital tour yet (that part is way more important than the bag, in my opinion… We knew nothing about their protocols for premature babies). You’ll be fine! 🙂

  2. You’re prepared! Isn’t is so fun to prep for baby’s arrival, knowing those little clothes you fold over and over again will soon be touching the skin of your brand new love.

    1. Hope so! I couldn’t agree more – it is fun! I hold up a lot of clothes and can’t believe someone will be filling them soon!

  3. I reckon you’ve covered everything there! Although if you’ve missed anything pretty sure someone would be kind enough to fetch it for you!

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