A Name To A Face: Choosing A Name For Your Little One

A Name To A Face: Choosing A Name For Your Little One

There are a lot of different baby names available, nowadays. Since ancient times, naming babies has been an important process, with people like the Romans having strict conventions to follow when it came to naming their children. Of course, while things aren’t quite so rigid today, it can often still be hard to choose a

Returning to work: What I’m looking forward to. 

With less than one week to go until I return to work, I’m actually feeling alright about not only returning to work, but leaving T at nursery (maybe it’s because they’ll then be dealing with a teething baby). Taking myself out of the role of ‘mum’, there are actually a few things I’m looking forward

Maternity Leave: More Than Just Babies. 

With less than two weeks to go until the dreaded return date, I wanted to reflect on what maternity leave has been like for me (in a nutshell, mind you. We don’t want to open THAT can of worms). Maternity leave. It’s a big one. Not just in time; although for some it isn’t, but

A Month To Go

In a months time my maternity leave will be coming to an end and I will be returning to work. The thing is, I don’t really know how I feel about it. At this very moment, when thinking about returning to work full time, my heart aches and there is a lump in my throat.

The Breastfeeding Chronicles – Lana Care Breastpads – Review

My war with breastpads pretty much started a month before T was born. I leaked. A lot. So it was vital to wear something comfortable and discreet, but putting those two words together with normal, disposable breastpads didn’t compute. It really didn’t, as explained here. So when the guys from Lana Care were offering free

Hospital Bag(s)

I’ve probably packed and re-packed these bags half a dozen times, and even after packing them for what I think is the last time, I still panic that I haven’t got everything and unpack it again. You can find lots of help online as to what to take, but here’s what our bags look like:- My