After School Playtime with IKEA [AD]

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since T started school. I also can’t believe how many school runs we’ve already done – my calves are going to be solid by the end of term! 

Although he’s a confident little nugget, I thought that naturally he’d be shy and anxious, however he’s actually taken to the routine and the new surroundings like a duck to water. I know it’s still early days, but so far he’s really enjoying it and often looks forward to school every day – although I still haven’t got a clue what he get’s up to! 

With this in mind, we always try and make sure that after school – to compliment his busy day of learning – we have something ready at home for him to wind down with. Something that’s not going to charge him up or make him think too much.

This is where IKEA – once again – comes into play. Literally. 

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Preparing for School with IKEA [AD]

With T starting school in less than three months we decided he needed his own space where he can continue what he’s learning at school or take some time to relax. A space that doesn’t already have a purpose; such as the dining room table, or one that might form as a distraction; such as the coffee table, which often has an array of magazines on it (not to mention TV remotes!). Something to call his own.

With this in mind, just like the rest of the house, we went straight to IKEA to look for ideas and it wasn’t long before we found what we were looking for.

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Easy Ways to use Trees to Enhance your Home

We love having a garden. It is great to be able to get outside anytime we want. There is something especially nice about being able to eat outside. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it is well worth your while investing a little time and money in keeping it looking nice.

An easy way to do this is to plant a tree or two. They can be used to enhance your outdoor spaces in several ways. Below are some of our favourites.

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6 Ways to Spruce up Your Home This Summer

It’s hard not to feel green with envy when your social media is bursting with stunning interiors, gorgeous home décor and fabulous style. Even the homeowners are beautiful! And while the homes of everyday folk like you and me aren’t probably “Insta-worthy”, it doesn’t mean that you can’t spruce things up from time to time and fall in love with your living space.

You don’t have to be an expert at decorating, all you need is a little imagination, some patience and maybe a helper or two! Read on for 6 ways to spruce up your home this summer.


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50+ Things To Do With The Family and Google Home

Last month, Google made some exciting new announcements regarding their line of hardware across their Google Home and Pixel range. I watched in excitement as their key note speech detailed new software updates to current models of the Pixel as well as brand new hardware in their Google Home range. You can view the full keynote here:

Ever since the Google Home fell into our lives last year we’ve never looked elsewhere when it came to at-home AI. We’d used Alexa at a friends house and, to be honest, it was dull and quite often didn’t recognise what we were saying. Google just works and is still an impressive piece of kit. I didn’t know I’d actually need one until we got one.

Boring Disclosure Bit Before I Continue: This isn’t an advert. Honestly. I was gifted (something that is sent to someone with absolutely no requirement or expectation of a mention or review) a Google Home last year and have been using it ever since. This post comes from me because I love our Google Home and genuinely love the brand.

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Three Reasons to Lay Artificial Grass At Home

*This is a Sponsored Guest Post*

When we think of summer, we think of spending quality family time in the garden. However, maintaining a garden in a busy family home can be a real struggle. Cutting the grass and weeding the plants often falls short to the endless list of housework. So what’s the solution? Artificial grass and here’s why:

Save Money

Seeds, chemical enhancers, weed killers and gardening tools. Whilst the cost may seem trivial, these can sharp add up. Not to mention the bigger costs of lawn mowers and water rates.

One of the great benefits of artificial grass is that there are no ongoing costs to consider. Once the grass is down, there’s little to no maintenance required – a simple brush down is enough to keep it looking fabulous.  You can keep your money for that family BBQ instead!

No Allergies

Artificial grass eliminates the need for chemical enhancers, providing a safe environmentally friendly area for children and pets to play. With zero pollen count, it’s great for those who suffer from hay fever too. Say goodbye to sore eyes, running noses, headaches. Hay fever symptoms will no longer be irritated by your lawn so you get to spend more time outdoors.

Low Maintenance

We don’t need to elaborate on the chores gardening entails, I’m sure were all pretty aware of the hourly mowing sessions and the lovely back ache we endure for days after. Whilst it looks amazing, there is an abundance of effort that goes in to maintaining it.

Then there’s the muddy footprints ran across the kitchen floor and lovely grass stained clothing to consider. With little maintenance and the look of natural grass, the artificial stuff is the perfect solution for us busy parents who just don’t have time to spare.

*This is a Sponsored Guest Post*