Plants: Getting Green-Fingered with Houseplants During Lockdown

Plants: Getting Green-Fingered with Houseplants During Lockdown

I’ve always been green-fingered, I get it from my mum. I enjoy having houseplants (and buying them!), however as soon as T came along my love of plants took a back seat. I know that having plants is a responsibility. You can’t just get a plant and think watering it and putting it in a

After School Playtime with IKEA [AD]

I can’t believe it’s been almost two weeks since T started school. I also can’t believe how many school runs we’ve already done – my calves are going to be solid by the end of term!  Although he’s a confident little nugget, I thought that naturally he’d be shy and anxious, however he’s actually taken

Preparing for School with IKEA [AD]

With T starting school in less than three months we decided he needed his own space where he can continue what he’s learning at school or take some time to relax. A space that doesn’t already have a purpose; such as the dining room table, or one that might form as a distraction; such as

Easy Ways to use Trees to Enhance your Home

We love having a garden. It is great to be able to get outside anytime we want. There is something especially nice about being able to eat outside. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, it is well worth your while investing a little time and money in keeping it looking nice. An

6 Ways to Spruce up Your Home This Summer

It’s hard not to feel green with envy when your social media is bursting with stunning interiors, gorgeous home décor and fabulous style. Even the homeowners are beautiful! And while the homes of everyday folk like you and me aren’t probably “Insta-worthy”, it doesn’t mean that you can’t spruce things up from time to time

50+ Things To Do With The Family and Google Home

Last month, Google made some exciting new announcements regarding their line of hardware across their Google Home and Pixel range. I watched in excitement as their key note speech detailed new software updates to current models of the Pixel as well as brand new hardware in their Google Home range. You can view the full