Plants: Why to Buy Plants Online and Our Favourite Online Shops in the UK.

Plants: Why to Buy Plants Online and Our Favourite Online Shops in the UK.

Taking into consideration the current climate, it’s now worth getting to know a few online plant shops for your planting needs. On the same note, your local independent plant shop will no doubt need your help. You probably know by now that I love houseplants. For years we had a few plants dotted around the

Switching to Smart with Hive (and tips on how to make the most of it!) [AD]

We’ve been trialling a new setup at home recently thanks to Hive, in an attempt to be clever with our energy and money. It goes without saying that winter has crept up on us this year. One minute we were playing in the park in shorts, the next we’re blowing the dust off of our

Our Top Interior Tips Whilst Renting [AD]

Sharon and I have been renting since we moved in with each other in early 2000’s Whilst we would love to own a property, the current climate isn’t at all friendly for first-time buyers. Who has over £20k in savings these days? With this in mind, for the past 10+ years we’ve rented and have

Plants: My Newbie Top Tips and Starter Kit Must-Haves for Houseplants!

A few weeks ago, I shared my first post on becoming a (proper) houseplant mama, and after doing so a few of you got in touch to ask what I have in my “toolkit” when it comes to houseplant care. Whilst I’m no expert, I do have some experience based on my own trials and

Bedroom Redesign on a Budget. How a Few Simple Changes Can Transform Your Room!

*This is a Collaborative Post* Could your bedroom use a little TLC? It’s almost ironic that the place we retreat to at the end of a busy day, where we try to refresh and recharge and where we spend time with our partners, is often the most neglected when it comes to comfort and style.

Plants: Getting Green-Fingered with Houseplants During Lockdown

I’ve always been green-fingered, I get it from my mum. I enjoy having houseplants (and buying them!), however as soon as T came along my love of plants took a back seat. I know that having plants is a responsibility. You can’t just get a plant and think watering it and putting it in a