Our House - Then and Now -

AndiePants says:

Sometimes I talk about “Ansel’s room” and I think, “who am I kidding? It’s Ansel’s house.”

lesbemums says:

Haha! Exactly! He has a seat in the car and he’s also merging into other homes now what with both grandparents now having toy boxes for him!

Great post! I’m glad to see it isn’t just us who fails to put things away and has let our house be completely taken over by a baby!

lesbemums says:

Nope! You’re definitely not alone. Baby has well and truly moved it. Can’t believe how much stuff he needs as only 3 months! X

glad I found your blog. Good post 🙂

lesbemums says:

Thank you. That’s very kind. 🙂

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