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Maternity Leave

I’ve been on maternity leave for two weeks now and still have a week and a half until fidget’s due date. I thought I would go stir crazy, but it so far it’s not been too bad. Maternity leave is still such an alien thing to me as well as not going back to work.

Our Maternity Photoshoot [AD – Gift]

A few weeks ago, we met with Megan from Gold and Glitter Photography, to take pictures of us and bump. How it was arranged went something like this; Megan got retweeted by when she tweeted a picture of her beautiful rabbit Athena munching on an empty graze box, I tweeted Megan commenting on said cute

The Visit From My Health Visitor

On Tuesday, I had my introductory visit from the Health Visitor. For those that aren’t familiar with what one is, a Health Visitor is a person from the NHS who conducts regular visits from the time when baby is born to when they reach school age. To me, they’re in between a midwife and someone

226 days in…

Well what can I say, the last 226 days have been filled with joy and laughter, tiredness and tears, and not to forget frustration and impatience.  Yes, I’m talking about K. (To all the Partners reading this – if you’re just embarking on this joy ride, keep in mind that you are going to have


So here we are… You’ve read all the updates up until now – we feel terrible for not announcing as soon as possible, and keeping you guys in the loop, but we couldn’t bring ourselves to announce something amazing and then having to announce something terrible. We’d rather just announce the once. We hope you

The T(welve)WW

The Twelve Week wait for me hasn’t been the most enjoyable experiences for me. Not for any reason related to nausea, tiredness, or sore boobs, no. Those things don’t bother me as it reminds me I’m pregnant (not that I’ve had any nausea, thank god). I’ve just been so scared of something going wrong. The twelve