Insem #6 – Part 1

So insemination numero 6 (Part 1) happened last night. We’re going to have 2 inseminations this cycle – hopefully one either side of ovulation, or one just before and one spot on. We’re still reading my temperatures at the moment, so an exact date hasn’t been confirmed by our app yet but we’re confident that we know a date range of 2-3 days.

Annoyingly, I have recently come down with a cold bug which couldn’t have come at a worst time and because of the bug, my temperatures are now fluctuating like crazy depending on how I have slept and how sick I am which is making the app work overtime.

I really don’t know how I’ve got a cold as I’m currently at my most healthiest what with all the fruit and veg I’m eating, not to mention my fitness. I can only assume that because of the piggy blowout I had last weekend that perhaps it weakened my immune system. Either way, I’m pissed off.


The insemination itself wasn’t the most stress-free of environments, I must admit. Again, not a great start to TTC again.

The evening started with D texting us to say that he’s not sure when he would be getting off work and asked whether we could do tomorrow. After an immediate “NO” he was able to come down, just a little later. When he did arrive, I couldn’t be more relieved as I was one step closer to starting again. However, before we started, we did have to have words with him regarding dates.

In the past, when arranging an insem he’s regularly suggested another date because of his work; which has sometimes been fine, but other times and more often than not, the date he’s suggested wasn’t alright and, to be honest, was waaaay off.

D says he gets the process and ovulation, and has apparently done his research, but I’m still not sure – especially when he suggests a date 2-3 days off the date we have suggested! He’s a lovely guy, honestly, and I am so happy we have him as a donor, I just think he’s a little bit off when it comes to women and cycles still – which is frustrating as we feel awkward when telling him that his suggested date is not okay. We desperately want to keep him as our donor, but if he keeps suggesting new dates and/or not being able to make our dates, then we are going to have to seriously think about changing our donor or even putting everything on hold until we can afford a clinic. We don’t really want this, but we also don’t want our time (or his time) wasted.

When we started, we never expected the donor to know where I am in my cycle or to be all that interested to know it, why should they? But, if you want to become a donor, at least understand that a date is generally non-negotiable when it comes to insemination. Am I right? We completely understand that work can affect someones life, but if it affects it a lot – don’t become a donor. Simple.


So once that was over and done with, we began. I think both S and I were a little nervous as we hadn’t done an insem for a few months – not that we told each other about our nerves, but it was clear as we ended up having bit of an argument over nothing towards the end, which made me feel terrible as the process should be fun, or at least relaxing! But it was far from it.

I couldn’t get comfy which stressed S out, and S was fumbling all over the place in comparison to previous times when she was in and out faster than the shake of a lambs tail, which stressed me out as I was worried the lads were getting cold (not to mention the fact that I was getting cold). Once it was done, we went to sleep all moody and grumpy. It wasn’t great. Nevertheless, I slept which is definately what I needed as I’ve woken this morning very relaxed and calm.

The sleep itself wasn’t the greatest nights sleep, either. I wanted to pee, but didn’t want to and I couldn’t breathe well because of the cold. Eventually, 2 hours later, I had to pee and I went to sleep in the hope that the lads hadn’t been flushed down the loo.

With any luck, this cold will take my concentration away from TTC and not encourage my body to fight ALL alien life forms – including sperm. I’ve read this can’t happen, but you never know. I guess, as usual, what will be, will be.


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  1. Lindsay says:

    Sigh. What a stressful venture, eh? I don’t think relaxation is required for conceiving, thankfully, or so many humans wouldn’t be here! Hopefully attempt #2 will be easier and smoother this month for you guys.

    My donor was notoriously late for insems. Each month, he’d promise he’d come at X time, and show up 3 hours later or worse. It really, really bothered me. He didn’t suggest days later, but his tardiness added stress to an already stressful situation! I feel you.

    Feel better soon!

  2. AndiePants says:

    Do you all use ovulation kits at all? Temps are only helpful in retrospect, so maybe that would add an additional sense of security?
    And SO sorry your donor is less than awesome about showing up. Its so hard for folks to understand just how tiny the slice of time is for getting a good insemination!

    I hope the next one goes well and you can forget the stress with a BFP soon.

    • lesbemums says:

      Us too. I’m starting to think there’s something wrong.

      We use the dip tests and then if we see lines appear, we use clear blue tests to confirm.

      Our donor is lovely, really. I think he’s just a bit dim when it comes to a woman’s cycle.

  3. Molly says:

    I’m not convinced that it’s possible for any of this to be as stress-free as it should be. Fingers crossed for you!

  4. mrsandmrsttc says:

    Bless you both. We are glad to have found another UK couple doing home insemination too!.
    It is hard to relax when you are under pressure to get the job done without losing any of the little swimmers!. Keeping our fingers crossed for you. Looking forward to following your journey as you progress. x

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